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Economics | Business  | 19.08.21

Japanese Press: Russian Economy Bravely Stands COVID-19 Crisis

The Russian economy is developing rapidly, but there are still reasons for concern, says the Moscow office Director-General of the Japan External Trade organization, Tetsuya Umetsu, in the article to Japanese magazine JB Press, InoSMI reported.  In the opinion of Umetsu, the decision of Russian authorities not to stop industrial production in many regions helped

Economics | Business  | 08.06.21

Survey: Third Pandemic Wave Didn’t Affect Most Russian Companies

Most Russian entrepreneurs did not notice the impact of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic on their business, TASS reports with reference to the results of a study conducted by the developer of CRM for business ‘Megaplan’ in May 2021 among 1,547 employees and leaders of small and medium-sized businesses.  According to the study,

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Moscow Entered Top World Cities in COVID-19 Fight Effectiveness

Business support measures allowed Moscow to take second place in the ranking of world megacities in terms of the effectiveness of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press service of the Moscow Complex of Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.   Moscow ranked second behind Singapore based on

Insight | Around Russia  | 20.05.21

New Survey: Russians Became Less Anxious

Russians in 2021 began to experience less stress, even though more than half of them (55 per cent) continue to worry from time to time, which follows from the results of a study conducted by the Romir research holding, RIA Novosti reports.  It is noted that 79 per cent of respondents noted their anxiety speaking

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Russian Labour Market Results 2020

The Rabota.ru job search service together with the SberIndex analytical service prepared a study on the state of the Russian labour market in January-November 2020. It turned out that in Q3 2020, 36% of employers had partially restored pre-crisis indicators, while 16% of survey participants fully restored their business after the coronavirus restrictions were lifted

Business | Technology  | 04.12.20

Russian Experts Developed Over 100 Digital Transformation Projects

The Deputy Head of the Federal State Statistics Service, Grigory Ostapenko, spoke about the successful projects prepared by Rosstat, a large team of the CLICK Programme, which consisted of 1,000 employees, VN.ru reports.  The programme for the development of anti-crisis leaders and teams of the digital economy “CLICK” is being implemented by the University 2035

Insight | Omsk  | 03.11.20

Omsk Businesses to Receive 11.3 Million Rubles State Support

Some of the costs to companies that have spent their own funds to fight the coronavirus are ready to be allocated from the budget of the Omsk region. For this, the treasury has 11.3 million rubles.   According to the Ministry of Economy, to reimburse 90 per cent of the costs, it is necessary that the

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Russian Business to Obtain Loans at 2% for 420 Billion Rubles

Russian small and medium enterprises from industries affected by the coronavirus pandemic and socially oriented non-profit organizations have entered into agreements with banks to receive loans at a rate of 2 per cent per annum for a total of 420 billion rubles, TASS reports.   The concessional lending programme has already supported more than 5 million

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Top 5 Russian Cities With Highest COVID Crisis Resistance

The experts of the Strelka Centre for Urban Economics conducted a research and found out which cities are most capable to resist the crisis provoked by the spread of coronavirus.   When compiling the rating, the experts relied on what is the share of tax revenues in the city budget. The more autonomous the city’s budget

Insight | Around Russia  | 11.07.20

Most Popular Professions in Russia During Coronavirus Pandemic

The experts of the Institute for Progressive Education made a list of professions most in-demand in Russia during the coronavirus pandemic. The leading position took medical workers, RT reported. It is noted that now in high demand are also those who can rebuild the work of companies to new standards, for example, anti-crisis managers, marketers,