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Economics | Business  | 21.02.22

Russian Finance Ministry Submitted Bill on Cryptocurrency Market

Russian Ministry of Finance has sent to the country’s government a draft federal law “On Digital Currency”, which legislatively prescribes the norms of the concept of regulating the cryptocurrency market in the country.   It is planned that with successful testing, citizens will be able to invest in digital currencies in the amount of up to

Economics | Business  | 26.01.22

Russian Ministry of Finance Opposed Ban on Cryptocurrencies

According to the Director of the Financial Policy Department of the Russian Ministry of Finance, Ivan Chebeskov, the ban on operations with cryptocurrencies and mining will lead to the country lagging behind in the high-tech industry. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance advocates the regulation of cryptocurrencies instead of banning them.   The director of the department

Economics | Business  | 20.01.22

Russian Central Bank Stands for Ban on Cryptocurrencies

The Bank of Russia has unveiled proposals that would see the sale, mining, and circulation of cryptocurrencies banned as part of a radical move that finance chiefs say would protect the economy from the risks associated with digital currencies.   “The growing interest of Russian citizens, a significant amount of investments and high risks of transactions

Economics | Business  | 22.11.21

Russian Central Bank Opposed Use of Bitcoin in the Country

The Central Bank of Russia opposes the use of bitcoin as a means of payment for settlements within the country, according to the Chairman of the bank, Elvira Nabiullina, who also added that, in general, the organization sees no harm in digital currencies, except in cases when they are “used for questionable transactions.”   Nabiullina stressed

Russia Occupied Third Place in Bitcoin Global Mining Rates

Russia is now ranked as the world’s third-biggest bitcoin miner, with the country being responsible for 11.23 per cent of the global “hash rate”, according to the University of Cambridge statistics.  The first place in the rating is taken by the US, which accounted for 35.4 per cent of the world’s bitcoin mining power and

Economics | Business  | 08.09.21

Kremlin Spokesman: Russia is Not Ready to Recognize Cryptocurrencies

Russia is not ready to recognize cryptocurrencies, as equating cryptocurrency with money would harm the country’s financial system, as stated by the Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, RT reports. “It is certain that Russia is not ready for such steps. So far there is not the slightest reason to [recognize cryptocurrencies],” Peskov

Economics | Business  | 12.06.21

So What About Cryptocurrencies? – Analytics by Paul Goncharoff

Just before this weekend, at a lovely outdoor cafe near Metro Novoslobodskaya, I breakfasted with a very respected, rather well heeled, low-key Russian crypto-nerd/financial maven (we’ll call him Slava). This Moscow breakfast consisted of coffee, cigars and herring. I opted for a croissant, but there is no telling where tastes can run for some.  The

Economics | Business  | 09.04.21

Russian Central Bank to Test Digital Ruble Prototype

The Central Bank of Russia will create a prototype of the digital ruble by the end of this year and will devote the next year to testing it with banks, Forbes reports. According to the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank, Olga Skorobogatova, Russians will be able to transfer digital rubles to each other

Economics | Business  | 13.03.21

Experts Named Most Popular Cryptocurrencies Among Russians

The most popular cryptocurrencies among Russians, in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), are Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT), RIA News reports, referring to experts in the cryptocurrency market.  According to a representative of the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange, Tatyana Maksimenko, Bitcoin and Ethereum are considered as a means of investment, while Stablecoin USDT is mostly taken as

Economics | Business  | 01.08.20

Cryptocurrency Payments Banned in Russia

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a law that prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies in Russia to pay for goods and services. In addition, definitions were given to the concepts of “digital financial assets” (DFA) and “digital currency”, the official portal of legal information reported.   It is noted that digital currency can be accepted as a