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Russians Chose Best Dishes for Christmas [Survey]

The most popular dishes for Christmas among the residents of Russia were named by the participants of the survey of the SuperJob job search service. The results of the survey were at the disposal of the RIA Novosti agency.  According to the survey results, 39 per cent of the men and women surveyed plan to

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Russian Cosmonauts to Cook Dressed Herring on ISS for New Year

The Russian crew of the International Space Station (ISS) will prepare a herring under a fur coat for the New Year’s table, according to the cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov.   “We even have black caviar, tangerines, we are going to make with Pyotr ourselves a herring under a fur coat,” Shkaplerov shared their plans for the festive

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Chinese Man Named Most Delicious Food in Russia

The Chinese man shared his gastronomic preferences in Russia and named the top 5 most delicious products in the country, VM.ru reports with reference to the ‘Sohu’ Chinese portal.  The man noted that Russian-made canned fish favourably differ from Chinese ones in their aroma and delicate taste. He also advised trying Russian sausage, which, in

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American Blogger Named Russian Cuisine Unique Dishes

A New Yorker, Katie Machado, who runs The Travel blog, named the dishes of Russian cuisine that are absolutely unique. The list includes cabbage soup, borscht, okroshka, pancakes, porridge, and dumplings.   According to the girl, many people are quick to associate dishes such as beef stroganoff and borscht with Russia, while shchi is a staple

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Tatar Economists Calculated Traditional Family Lunch Index

Economists of the National Bank of Tatarstan have studied the prices of products for cooking Tatar cuisine for a family of four people. The list included tokmach soup, echpochmak, and gubadiya, KazanFirst reports. The total cost of a Tatar meal was 1,133 rubles, which is 4 per cent more than a year ago.  It is

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Chinese Listed Characteristic Features of Russian Cuisine

The characteristic features of Russian cuisine and the most popular dishes were described on the Chinese website Sohu. According to the article, Russian dishes contain a large amount of oil, which is associated with a cold climate. Moreover, people in Russia prefer rich soups and an abundance of snacks. It is also noted that Russians

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Gastronomic Project in Urals

Chefs from several regions of Russia announced the launch of the first project in the country to popularize modern local cuisine – Authentic Ural Cuisine. Their goal is to present ten unique views on the region and its traditions, as well as to promote the development of gastronomic tourism.  Restaurateurs shared an old recipe for