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Business | Technology | Around Russia  | 29.12.20

Russians Don’t Submit Data for Unified Biometric System

Most Russians have a negative attitude to the idea of ​​submitting their biometric data, including for the Unified Biometric System, according to a study conducted by the NAFI Analytical Centre. Many respondents doubt that biometric data will be reliably protected.  Since 2018, the Unified Biometric System has been operating in Russia. The digital platform allows

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Rapper Morgenshtern Became Separate Phenomenon for Russian Youth

The MTS big data analysts have calculated the mobile traffic of the youth audience and found out that the work of the rapper Morgenshtern stands out as a separate independent phenomenon, equal to such categories as “online shopping”, “education”, or “entertainment”, RIA News reports.   The analysts have studied the mobile traffic of the audience aged

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Russians Began Buy More Clothes and Jewellery

According to the data provided by the fiscal data operator OFD Platform, in May 2020, Russians began to purchase clothes and jewellery more often than before, RIA News reports.  Sales data for April 2020 in these categories increased from 20 to 25 per cent. However, the average purchase receipt decreased by 30 per cent when

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About 3 Million People Took Part in ‘Immortal Regiment’ Action

About three million people took part in the online march of the Immortal Regiment. According to the executive secretary of the movement, Elena Tsunaeva, many users immediately filled out several applications for participation for their relatives. It is noted that anyone can send a picture of his relative to the website, and the broadcasts of

Economics | Business  | 21.03.20

Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.6% in Russia

Unemployment in Russia in February  2020 fell to 4.6 per cent, the Prime Economic Information Agency reports with reference to the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat).  According to preliminary information, in February 2020, 3.4 million people aged 15 years and older were classified as unemployed. At the same time, 0.7 million people were registered as unemployed

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Average Salary of Russians Increased by 9%

The average salary of Russians amounted to 46.6 thousand rubles. Compared with the same period last year, it grew by 9.1 per cent, VM.RU reports with reference to the Russian Statistics Service (Rosstat) data.  The growth of real wages in January 2020 in Russia slowed down to 6.5 per cent in annual terms from 6.9

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Rostovites Can Transmit Electric Meter Data Through Voice Assistant

Residents of the Rostov region can transmit the data of electric meters using the voice assistant Alice from Yandex company. The users of the services should only say “Alice! Turn on the skill TNS Energo”, the press service of the company reports.  The Alice voice assistant will offer to dictate your personal account number. Then,

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Russian Banks Preparing for Switching to Remote Service

The collection of customer biometric data will allow Russian banks to launch a range of remote services, for which one will not need to personally contact a financial institution.  According to a survey of representatives of the largest 30 Russian banks, customers will be offered opening a remote account, obtaining a loan, as well as

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Retailers Plan to Start Using Big-Data

At the Retail Future forum, leading retailers in the Siberian retail market discussed whether retail stores have a future in the era of the Internet.  Over the past five years, online stores have been taking customers away from retail chains: Russians prefer to purchase not only clothes, toys and equipment, but also food and basic