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Insight | Around Russia  | 11.01.21

Russians Named Most Promising Professions 2021

The experts of the Rabota.ru job search service together with the specialists of the SberService conducted a joint study and found out which professions, in the opinion of Russian residents, will be the most promising in 2021. The study involved more than 3,000 respondents from all regions of the country.   According to the results of

Moscow | Insight  | 05.01.21

Experts Named Top In-Demand Professions in Moscow 2021

Couriers, online sales specialists, and IT workers will be in demand on the labour market in Moscow in 2021, according to the ‘Moscow‘ City News Agency which refers to the press service of the Moscow Department of Labour and Social Protection of the Population.   Experts note that many companies automate business processes and optimize the

Business | Technology | Around Russia  | 31.12.20

Most Demanded Professions in Russian IT Sphere

Russian ‘University of National Technology Initiative 2035’, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, conducted a study and found out which specialists the IT market in Russia needs most of all. In the course of the study, experts analyzed more than 7.5 thousand vacancies on job search services, rabota.ru reports.   In total, the

Insight | Around Russia  | 28.12.20

Expert Named Professions With Decreasing Demand

The president of the SuperJob job search service, Alexey Zakharov, spoke about the professions in which employment may decrease in the next ten years, RT reports.   According to him, one of the professions that will begin to lose popularity in the next ten years will be an accountant, since digital technologies have already begun to

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Russian Experts Named Top In-Demand Professions 2021

Medical workers, IT specialists, and salespeople are expected to become the most demanded professions in Russia in 2021, according to the experts of the Rabota.ru and SberIndex services. Also, in high demand will be representatives of mass specialities, such as drivers, sellers, pickers, couriers, assemblers, and logisticians.   According to the experts, one of the main

Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 19.12.20

Experts Named In-Demand Gifts in Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk experts compiled the top list of the most popular gifts that city residents are going to give their loved ones for the New Year. Among them are souvenirs in the form of a 21-year symbol, personalized mugs, as well as perfumes and cosmetics, chelTV reports.   It is noted that the most popular category of

Insight | Around Russia  | 17.12.20

Demand for Builders in Russia Showed Rapid Growth

In Russia, since mid-summer 2020, the demand for labour in the construction and repair sector has sharply increased, RIA Real Estate reports with reference to the Rabota.ru job search service.   It is specified that the data were studied for the period from October 2019 to November 2020. In November of this year, compared to the

Economics | Business  | 17.12.20

Experts Named Top Beauty Services in Russia 2020

The most demanded service in the field of personal care and beauty in 2020 became a men’s haircut, according to the Platform OFD operator of fiscal data. The second place was taken by a women’s haircut with styling, and the top three was closed by a haircut with hair dyeing.  In Russia as a whole,

Trading | Business  | 15.11.20

Tatarstan Entrepreneurs Noted Demand Growth for Various Products

The products from entrepreneurs of Tatarstan are in high demand among Russians, KazanFirst reports. Over 10 months of this year, over 3 million units of goods were sold on the Wildberries retail portal, which is 6 times more than last year.  It is specified that most of all in January-October 2020 there was an increase

Trading | Business  | 11.11.20

Pulse Oximeters Demand in Russia Grew 2.5 Times

In October 2020, the demand for pulse oximeters, the devices for measuring the pulse and oxygen level in the blood, in Russian online stores increased 2.5 times compared to the same period last year, Izvestia reports with reference to the Platform OFD operator of fiscal data. The average check for such purchases increased by 21

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Russians Started Buying Home Appliances More Often

Researchers recorded an increase in demand for large and small household appliances in September-October 2020. The indicator increased by 51 per cent compared to the same period last year, Kazan reports.   It is specified that this autumn, the demand for vacuum cleaners has grown by 67 per cent compared to last year, the demand for

Trading | Business | Trip Advisory  | 20.10.20

Experts Named Most Popular Smartphones in Russia

Huawei’s subsidiary Honor has lost second place in the ranking of the most popular smartphones among Russians, Vedomosti reported. According to experts, another Chinese company Xiaomi has pushed the corporation. The first place in gadget sales in September 2020 was taken by the South Korean brand Samsung.  It is specified that the increase in demand