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US Didn’t Invite Russia and China to ‘Summit for Democracy’

The US invited 110 countries and territories to the upcoming “Summit for Democracy” in December this year, but did not include countries such as Russia and China, which follows from the list published on the official website of the US State Department.  At the same time, Taiwan is among the invited countries, which, according to

Russian President Emphasized That Democracy Can’t be Imposed by Force 

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has called the situation in Afghanistan that followed the Western troop withdrawal a “catastrophe”, saying that democracy couldn’t be imposed by force, Sputnik reports. Speaking at a plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, Putin said that if people needed democracy it will come to them naturally.  “The United Nations Organisation

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Experts Found Out If Democracy Suitable for Russians

The experts of the Russian Public Opinion Foundation conducted a survey to find out if residents of the country consider democracy a suitable form of government for them. According to the results of the survey, 52% of respondents consider democracy to be suitable for Russia, while 24% of the surveyed disagree with this opinion.  It