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Business | Technology  | 04.01.23

Russian Scientists Developed Navigator for Blind People

One of the Russian centers of IT developments, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, last year released several interesting startup projects, as said by the Director of the Business Incubator of the Financial University Anton Losev.  “This year we can celebrate two startups. One of them is a navigator for the

Business | Technology  | 26.12.22

First Module of Russian Orbital Station Hits High Readiness Level

The Scientific and Energy Module (NEM), which is considered by experts as the first module of the promising Russian Orbital Station (ROS), is now in a high degree of readiness, according to the Executive Director of Roscosmos for manned programmes Sergey Krikalev.  “The module is in a high degree of readiness at RSC Energia, and

Business | Technology  | 18.11.22

Russians Creating System for Preventing Drone Collision

Russian engineers are developing the first domestic system that will prevent collisions of drones with other aircraft.  The new system is designed for civilian drones with a take-off weight of over 30 kg. The core of the system is a small-sized radar station that “observes” the situation by emitting electromagnetic pulses and receiving reflected signals

Business | Technology  | 18.11.22

Russian Railways and Gazprom to Become First Quantum Phone Buyers

According to the developer, Russian Railways and Gazprom will be able to introduce the first quantum phones in 2023. A system worth several million rubles allows a user to increase the security of negotiations.   A quantum phone is generally referred to as a server or workstation with a quantum key generation and distribution system installed

Recommended | Business | Technology | Videos  | 01.07.22

Russia Developed ‘Akhmat’ Armored Car [Video]

The Akhmat armored car has been created in Russia, the development of which took into account the challenges faced by the military-industrial complex and military personnel during a special military operation in Ukraine.  “The new armored car was created taking into account the experience gained during a special military operation. According to the wishes and

Business | Industry  | 17.05.22

Russia First Time Showed New Domestic Aircraft Engine

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for the first time showed the Russian PD-8 aircraft engine, which will replace foreign engines on SSJ-100 and Be-200 aircraft. Work on the creation of a Russian engine with a thrust of 8 tonnes has been underway since 2019 and has been intensified taking into account the

Business | Technology  | 06.05.22

Russian Experts to Create Mini-Drones That Fit in Pocket

In Russia, based on the experience of a special military operation in Ukraine, pocket-sized drones will be created, according to the official representative of the Rostec state corporation.  On February 24, Russia launched a special military operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, called its goal “the protection of people who have

Business | Technology  | 16.02.22

Russian Specialists Presented ‘White Paper’ of High Technologies

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has prepared a “White Paper”, which presents a study of the development of high technologies in Russia and abroad. The first edition of the analytical document, which is planned to be updated annually, is posted on the Ministry’s website.  As it is recalled, the study was prepared on

Business | Technology  | 10.02.22

Russian Developers Created Robotic Cafe With Humanoid Robot-Cashier

The ‘Promobot’ manufacturer of service robots has developed a new robotic complex for the autonomous sale of ice cream, coffee, and beverages. At the moment, an agreement has been signed with a company from the UAE on the supply of at least five robotic cafes in 2022.  The development of the new “Promobot Vending” model

Business | Technology  | 07.02.22

Russian Scientists Created Substance for Faster Recovery From Brain Injuries

A new synthesized substance that promotes the restoration of brain cells and correction of the consequences of traumatic brain injuries has been developed by scientists of the Belgorod National Research University. The effectiveness of the medicine has been proven in laboratory conditions during experiments on rodents.   According to university experts, the prevalence of traumatic brain