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Insight | Around Russia  | 05.01.23

Russia Supports New Regions [Report]

As part of the support of the new regions that have recently become part of Russia, other Russian regions have provided them with assistance and rebuilt, repaired, reconstructed, and restored buildings and facilities in the new territories.  As part of such support measures, Bashkortostan repaired the school, which had been waiting for this since 1934.

Insight | Around Russia  | 26.10.22

Russia’s Newly-Created Coordination Council Hold First Meeting

The Russian government has received the right to introduce administrative innovations by the decision of the Coordination Council for the Provision of a Special Military Operation.  The economic issues of the special operation will now be swifted from the exclusive powers of the Ministry of Defense, which from now on will deal only with military

Ukraine Launched HIMARS Missiles at Donetsk City Administration

In the morning, at about 8 am on October 16, 2022, Ukrainian military formations shelled the center of Donetsk, the DPR, hitting the parking lot next to the city administration.  Eyewitnesses report that windows were knocked out in the administration building itself, the ceiling collapsed, several cars burned down nearby. Earlier, the building was repeatedly

Insight | Around Russia  | 04.10.22

Russia’s President Allowed Soldiers Serve Under Contract in FSB

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has signed a decree granting Russians the right to sign a contract to serve in the FSB (Federal Security Service). According to the document, conscript soldiers can also serve under contract in the special service and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation.  As reminded, on August 12, Putin also