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Funny Russia | Fun | Videos  | 04.07.20

Omsk Ostrich Farm Raises Little Birds [Video]

Little emu ostriches appeared on the Omsk ostrich farm only two months ago but they are already free to walk around the aviary, om1 reports.   Visitors will not be able to see the little ostriches this season, as the birds are afraid of noise. However, the employees of the farm are happy to talk

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Russian Control Specialists Named Best Eggs

The experts of the Council of the All-Russian Consumers Union “RosControl” conducted a study of eggs of popular brands and named the best ones.  They tested the products of the brands Red Price, Volzhskoe Utro, Volzhanin, Roskar, Okskoe, and Leto. In the eggs of the Leto and Volzhanin companies, experts found a residual amount of