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Trading | Business | Novosibirsk  | 26.09.20

Experts Told Who Buy Elite Flats in Novosibirsk

Russian realtors have studied the picture of demand for luxury flats among residents of Novosibirsk. They found out that most of the expensive housing is acquired by married men through a mortgage agreement, and the average payment on loans for housing over 9 million rubles exceeds 110,000 rubles, VN.ru reports.   It is specified that the

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Analysts Named Russian Regions With Cheapest Elite Housing

Analysts named the Russian regions with the lowest cost of elite real estate, states the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat), NEWS.ru reports.  The lowest average price of one square metre in a first-class apartment was fixed in North Ossetia, that is 36.9 thousand rubles. Among others, Ingushetia (39.6 thousand rubles) and Dagestan (42.2 thousand rubles) were