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Russian Embassy in Washington ‘Under Blockade’, Ambassador Says

Washington is making normal business at Russia’s diplomatic offices impossible, as stated by the Russian Ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov. He also said that America froze Russian bank accounts in the country, so the employees of the Russian embassy cannot continue to work there, though they try to upkeep the embassy operational and provide

Russian Consulate in Lithuanian Klaipeda Has Been Closed

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Klaipeda, Lithuania, has been closed, according to the website of the diplomatic mission. Russian Ambassador, Alexei Isakov, was supposed to leave Lithuania last week, after Vilnius decided to lower the level of Russia’s diplomatic representation.  In the second half of March, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry sent a note

Russian Flag Lowered Over Russia’s Embassy in Kiev

The Russian flag is lowered over the Russian Embassy in Kiev.  Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has published an appeal to its citizens with a request to leave Russia “immediately,” as due to the crisis, it is possible to limit the provision of consular assistance. In addition, Ukraine’s president Zelensky later reported

Russian Embassy in Kiev Sent Note to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry

The Russian Embassy in Kiev has sent a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demanding urgent measures to strengthen the security of the building and employees of the Russian Consulate General in Lviv against the background of the incident with a molotov cocktail thrown at the entrance.  An unknown person on Friday