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Economics | Business  | 26.05.22

‘United Russia’ Proposed Creating Special Economic Zone in Donbass

The ‘United Russia’ party proposed discussing the possibility of creating a Special Economic Zone in Donbass.   “We propose to work out the possibility of creating a Special Economic Zone on the territory of Donbass, as well as to ensure the return of a certain share of capex during the construction of production facilities,” Secretary of

Economics | Business  | 21.04.22

Forbes Published Rating of Richest Russian Businessmen 2022

Forbes magazine has published a rating of the richest Russian businessmen in 2022. It is noted that after the start of the Russia’s special military operation, the list has changed. The new leader of the rating is NLMK (international steel company) co-owner, Vladimir Lisin, whose fortune is estimated at $18.4 billion, displaced, Alexey Mordashov, from the

Business | Technology  | 14.03.22

Russian Social Network Created Public Council to Support Entrepreneurs

VK is creating a public council to support medium and small businesses in the new conditions, which includes entrepreneurs and representatives of the public organization “Opora Russia”.  “The main goal of the council is to help representatives of SMEs adapt to new conditions and take into account their interests in business development as much as

Economics | Business  | 07.07.21

Russia to Increase Concessional Lending Volume for Small Businesses

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government, the Bank of Russia, and the SME Corporation to take additional measures by November 2021 to increase the availability and volume of concessional lending to small and medium-sized businesses. The corresponding instructions are published on the Kremlin’s official website.  According to the document, the Government of the Russian

Business | Industry  | 19.06.21

Tambov Agricultural Startups to Receive 69 Million Rubles Support

In the Tambov region, over the two years of the Agrostartup project, the amount of support for small businesses has exceeded 131 million rubles and this year the amount will be almost 69 million rubles, RIA Novosti reports, citing the words of the Head of the Tambov regional administration Alexander Nikitin.  The Agrostartup project is

Moscow | Insight  | 09.06.21

Moscow Region Schools to Start Teaching Entrepreneurs

Special entrepreneurial classes will be launched in 200 schools in the Moscow region since next year, RadioSputnik reports with reference to the regional Ministry of Education.  As the deputy chairman of the regional government, Irina Kaklyugina, told, starting from the new academic year, entrepreneurship will begin to be studied in out-of-class hours in a total

Insight | Events | Around Russia  | 27.05.21

New Survey: Russians See Many Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

On Russian Entrepreneur’s Day which was traditionally celebrated on May 26, the ‘Business Voice‘ all-Russian project presented the results of a survey of Russian businessmen on the reasons they chose to be entrepreneurs.   The ‘Business Voice’ is a B2B research platform of the NAFI Analytical Centre, launched in December 2020 in partnership with the portal

Recommended | Insight | Events | Around Russia  | 26.05.21

Experts Assessed Russian Entrepreneurs’ Happiness Level

Analysts of the SberZdorovye and YooKassa services conducted a psychological study dedicated to Entrepreneur’s Day which is traditionally celebrated in Russia on May 26. Specialists studied the level of happiness of Russian businessmen using the Oxford Happiness Inventory (OHI), TASS reports. The study showed that the majority of Russian entrepreneurs are optimistic about their future. 

Insight | Around Russia  | 24.04.21

Most Russians Dream About Own Business

Most Russians would like to start their own business, the press service of Raiffeisen Bank reports with reference to a study conducted in March 2021 among its clients. The most popular business segments among Russians are construction, renovation, design, cafes, restaurants, food, and IT. Tourism, education, arts, and waste management are also quite popular.   According

Events | Visit  | 19.04.21

Entrepreneurship Contest for Schoolchildren to Be Held Online

From April 13 to May 17, 2021, the All-Russian Online Olympiad “Young Entrepreneur and Financial Literacy” for students in grades 1-9 is being held on the educational platform Uchi.ru, the press service of the central bank reports.  The main task of the Olympiad is to acquaint children with the basics of entrepreneurial thinking and financial

Business | Technology  | 13.04.21

Most Russian Entrepreneurs Sell Products Online

More than 60 per cent of Russian entrepreneurs are engaged in online sales of their goods and services, according to a survey conducted by the outsourcing service “Knopka”, TASS reports.  In the course of the survey, 61.6 per cent of respondents said that they sell goods and services via the Internet (they have their own

Insight | Technology | Around Russia  | 11.04.21

Russian Entrepreneurs Named Best Digital Services

Online interaction with government agencies became the most popular digital service that entrepreneurs in Russia use, according to the press service of the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. It is specified that almost a third of the survey participants are engaged in trade, 8 per cent are in the construction