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Russia to Lower Diplomatic Relations Level With Estonia

Russia lowers the level of diplomatic relations with Estonia as a response measure to the Estonia’s actions, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated on Monday.  “Now Estonia has taken a new unfriendly step to radically reduce the size of the Russian embassy in Tallinn, confirming the line for the collapse of relations between our countries. As

Estonia to Spend Almost 1 Mln Euros on Dismantling Soviet Monuments

The Estonian government will spend more than 900 thousand euros on the dismantling and transfer of Soviet military monuments, as reported by ERR.  According to the government spokeswoman, Evgeniya Vyarya, the authorities allocated 916,405 euros to institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Defense for activities related to “the transfer of Soviet military monuments from public

Estonia Froze Russian Oligarchs’ Assets

The Estonian authorities have frozen the assets of Russian oligarchs Andrei Melnichenko (EuroChem company) and Vyacheslav Kantor (DBT logistics company). Now Tallinn, together with the EU, is considering the use of these tens of millions of euros for transfer to Ukraine, as reported by the Estonian broadcaster ERR.   As specified, among the frozen funds there

Almost 30 Estonian Companies Ask to Lift Anti-Russian Sanctions  

Twenty-eight Estonian companies ask to be temporarily exempted from EU sanctions against Russia in order to continue importing petroleum products from there, as reported by the portal of the state television and radio broadcasting ERR with reference to Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu.  As reminded, according to the restrictions imposed by the EU against Moscow

Estonia May Withdraw Signatures on Border Agreements With Russia

The Estonian Parliament, at a meeting on Tuesday, May 3, will consider the proposal to withdraw signatures under the land and sea border agreements with the Russian Federation signed on February 18, 2014. The corresponding proposal was made by the opposition Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE).   “Upon completion of the occupation and restoration of

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Estonia Opened Borders for People Vaccinated With Sputnik V

Estonia has allowed entry to people who have been vaccinated with the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus ‘Sputnik V’, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Moscow embassy.    It is specified that earlier, the Estonian Health Department decided to allow everyone arriving in the country to confirm their infectious safety with any medications officially

Estonian Diplomat in Moscow Declared Persona Non Grata

Estonian Ambassador to Russia, Margus Laidre, was announced that an employee of the Estonian diplomatic mission in Moscow must leave the country within a week, according to the official portal of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   It is noted that a resolute protest was made to Laidre and a note was handed in which

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Estonia and Russia Resumed Flights Between Countries

The Russian airline ‘Aeroflot’ has resumed flights on the Moscow-Tallinn-Moscow route after more than a year’s break. The first Sukhoi Superjet arrived in Tallinn on April 25, 2021, RIA News reports, with reference to the press service of the Tallinn Airport. At the first stage of resumption, the flights will be operated once a week

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100 Years Since Birth of Georg Ots Opera Singer

Fate gave the outstanding artist, who has become a wonderful symbol of Estonia, thirty years of phenomenal creative life and many musical compositions, VM.RU reports.   The phrase from Mr X’s aria “To be always a mask is my fate…” seemed to be for Ots the sign for the whole life. The biographer of singer, Kulle

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Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra Participated in Battle of 2 Capitals

The Novosibirsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra returned from the tour and took part in the musical battle of the two capitals and in the Andres Mustonen festival, reports VN.RU.  The Novosibirsk orchestra received an invitation to a large-scale music forum with a 30-year history. The forum took place in the “Esti Concert” concert hall in Estonia.