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EU Parliament Recognized Russia Sponsor of Terrorism

The EU Parliament adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism. The resolution was adopted during the voting of the members of the EP.  “By declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, MEPs want to prepare the ground for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and his government have been held accountable for these crimes

Finland Proposed EU Imposing Travel Sanctions Against Russians

Finland has proposed to the EU to include a ban on issuing tourist visas in the list of anti-Russian sanctions, as well as terminate Schengen visas for Russians.  “Finland has proposed that in order to strengthen the unity of the EU, tourist visas should be included in the scope of EU sanctions. Finland considers it

EU Softened Restrictions Against Russian Aviation Industry

The EU countries have adjusted restrictions on the supply of certain goods and services to the Russian aviation industry as part of the seventh package of sanctions, the EU Council said in a press release.  “Technical assistance to Russia in aviation goods and technologies will be allowed to the extent necessary to ensure the work

Lithuania Tightens Restrictions on Trade Route to Kaliningrad

On Monday, July 11, Lithuania  extended limits on trade through its territory to Russia’s Baltic enclaves of Kaliningrad, following an earlier EU announcement of anti-Russian sanctions.    Kaliningrad borders on NATO and the EU states, Lithuania and Poland, and relies on railways and roads through Lithuania for most goods. As reminded, the coastal territory has

EU Approved 6th Sanctions Package Against Russia 

The EU Council has finally adopted the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which was stated in its resolution published today, on Friday, June 3, 2022.   It is specified that the ban on crude oil supplies “has been postponed for 6 months, for petroleum products – for 8.” In addition, “Bulgaria and Croatia will receive

EU Suspended Russia’s Access To Vital Crime Data Sharing Programme

Amid the unprecedented waves of EU and US sanctions imposed on Russia after the start of its military operation in Ukraine, the EU has suspended its drug traffic data sharing programme with Russian law enforcement agencies.   “The EU has suspended contacts and data sharing with Russia as part of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs

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Russia’s Frozen Reserves Appeared to Be Smaller Than Expected by EU

The EU has frozen roughly €23 billion worth of assets of the Russian Central Bank, Reuters reported, citing EU Justice Commissioner, Didier Reynders, who revealed the figure at a news conference on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. He noted that the amount is much smaller than expected and can’t be compared to the assets frozen by