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Insight | Kazan  | 24.04.21

Most Kazan Schoolchildren Plan to Study at Universities

The educational company MAXIMUM Education conducted a survey that showed whether Kazan schoolchildren are ready for tests, what university they would like to enter after school, and how they prepare for the Unified State Exam, KazanFirst reports.  According to the results of the study, 89 per cent of Kazan school graduates plan to study at

Insight | Around Russia  | 27.03.21

Almost Half Russian Schoolchildren Prepare for State Exam on Their Own

About 50 per cent of schoolchildren in Russia independently prepare for the final essay, which must be written for admission to the Unified State Exam, TASS reports with reference to the educational company ‘MAXIMUM Education’.   From March 19 to March 22, 2021, among 1,000 eleventh graders was conducted a survey, according to the results of

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Over 60% Omsk Graduates Expect Highest Results on State Exam 2021

Experts from the ‘MAXIMUM Education’ educational company conducted a study according to which almost half of Russian graduates believe that the pandemic and remote learning will not affect their final United State Exam (USE) scores, om1 reports.   According to the results of the survey, 43 per cent of Russian eleventh graders believe that distance learning

Business | Technology  | 11.12.20

Don University Implemented Hybrid Format Training

Southern Federal University (SFedU) is introducing new technologies for the transition to a hybrid education format. The “Examus” new proctoring technology allowed the university to successfully conduct both educational competitions and the summer exam session 2020, the press service of the university reports.   It is noted that the technology is built on the basis of

Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 13.08.20

Nizhny Novgorod School Graduates Improved USE Marks

In 2020, 9,244 school graduates passed the Unified State Exam for a high score. In 2019, there were fewer of them (7,914), NewsNN reported. It is also already known that 156 students passed the USE in the Russian language by 100 points, and last year only 65 residents of the city showed such a result.

Insight | Novosibirsk | Trip Advisory  | 09.08.20

Education Security: How Students Get to State Exam

The head of the Regional Information Processing Centre, Sergei Kondratyev, claimed it is not difficult for the Unified State Exam (USE) observers to figure out the students who are going to cheat with the help of a smartphone or crib notes, VN.ru reported.  It is noted that metal detectors and video surveillance, which are available

Insight | Around Russia  | 04.07.20

Chelny Students Choose Computer Science for State Exam

The largest number of Naberezhnye Chelny school graduates (310 people) chose certification in computer science for a state exam that took place on July 3; a literature exam is taken by 157 students, and geography, by 29 people, KazanFirst reported.   In total, in the Republic of Tatarstan, there were 2,166 students who chose computer science

Business | Technology  | 20.06.20

Russian School Graduates Apply to University Online

The service “Admission to University Online” was launched for Russian school graduates, TASS reports with reference to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. It is noted that the first ones in the country to apply to universities in a remote format are the residents of the Far Eastern Federal District.

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Russian Schoolchildren to Receive Certificate Without Passing Exams

Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, signed a decree on the features of passing the Unified State Exam (USE) in 2020, the official website of the Russian government reports.  It is noted that all students will receive a certificate without passing exams. Graduates who are going to continue their studies in secondary professional educational organizations will

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Top 3 Russian Services for Best Exam Preparation

In 2020, due to the pandemic of coronavirus infection, the procedure for conducting state exams has changed. For 9th-graders, exams were cancelled, and 11th-graders should start taking exams from June 29, Roskachestvo reports.  There are a number of training services where you can find high-quality materials. One of them is Yandex.Tutor which provides tasks and

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TV Project Helps Students Prepare for Entrance Exams

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, together with the TV company Tricolor, launches the educational broadcasting My School Online. It will help high school students quickly and well prepare for exams remotely. The best Russian teachers will join the project and use appropriate techniques and innovative technologies to clearly explain to senior students

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Favorite Essay Topics Chosen by School Graduates for Final Exam

The regional Ministry of Education announced the results of essays that eleventh graders wrote as admission to the Unified State Exam. In the main term, it was written successfully by 99% of schoolchildren.  The most common topic for an essay this year was “What sacrifices can he or she make for love?”. It was chosen