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Japanese Space Tourists to Conduct Russian Scientists’ Experiment on ISS 

During each long six-month expedition to the ISS, Russian cosmonauts conduct more than fifty scientific experiments. This time, Roscosmos cosmonaut, Alexander Misurkin, and Japanese space tourists Yusaku Maezawa and Yozo Hirano take part in the medical experiment “LAZMA” during pre-launch training at Baikonur.  It is specified that the duration of the flight will be twelve

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Moscow Authorities Approved Experiment With Use of Unmanned Vehicles

The Moscow City Duma has approved an experiment with the use of unmanned vehicles in the city. The relevant decision was made by parliamentarians today, on November 24, 2021.   “In connection with the initiative proposal received by the Moscow City Duma ‘On the Establishment of an Experimental Legal Regime in the Field of Digital Innovations

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SIRIUS-21: Project Simulating Moon Mission Started in Moscow

Six volunteers from Russia, the US, and UAE are going to spend eight months in close quarters simulating a mission to the Moon as part of the SIRIUS-21 international isolation experiment launched in Moscow today, on November 4, 2021.   It is planned that volunteers will spend 240 days in isolation, which has started today in

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Russian Cosmonauts to Set Up Greenhouse in Space

Russian cosmonauts are going to create a greenhouse in the International Space Station’s newly-arrived Nauka module, with the eventual plan to grow various plants on “an industrial scale” inside the planet’s only inhabited satellite, RT reports.  According to the leader of the Biomedical Laboratory at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of

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Rostovites Supported Snow Burning Flash Mob [Video]

Residents of Krasnodar decided to try to burn the snow with a lighter and were surprised that it did not melt. After that, the network was flooded with videos, where people burn snowballs and prove that something is wrong with it. The experiment was repeated in Donetsk, Rostov region.    The “experimenters” joke about their

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Novosibirsk Blogger Arranged Coca-Cola Fountain [Video]

The blogger from Novosibirsk, Maxim Monakhov, with the nickname “Mamix”, poured soda into a container with 10 thousand litres of Coca-Cola and filmed this on video. The height of the soda fountain was tens of metres.   Mamix took several thousand bottles of soda, poured them together into a huge barrel, and made a huge

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Tatarstan Eagle Chicks Found New Families

In the Arsk region of Tatarstan, a local resident found three chicks of white-tailed eagles; their nest was destroyed and they were alone. The birds are listed in the Red Book and are under the protection of the republic. The man who has found them turned to the specialists of the State Committee for bioresources

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Leading Moscow Universities to Start Testing Innovative Technologies

Moscow universities have joined the city programme of innovation testing. Based on them, technology tests will be held in the fields of education, landscaping, and virtual reality, the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development reported.  In total, more than 40 sites are already involved in this programme. These are commercial and state organizations, manufacturing

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World Day for Animals in Laboratories Celebrated in Novosibirsk

The World Day for Animals in Laboratories is celebrated on April 24th. In Novosibirsk, there are located many laboratories, and one of the laboratory animals, a mouse, has its own monument, VN.RU reports. In Novosibirsk, the contribution of laboratory animals to the development of science is honoured a lot. They even erected a mouse monument, which was opened

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Industrial Centers to Monitor Emissions

In 12 large industrial cities, an information system for monitoring air quality will be created in 2020.  An experiment on emission quotas based on summary calculations will be held in the city districts of Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk, Mednogorsk, Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, Norilsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovets and Chita. “It’s necessary to manage the quality of