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Business | Technology  | 02.05.22

Russia May Launch Programme for Automatic Video Fakes Detection This Year

The functions of auto-checking video recordings for the presence of elements generated using the so-called “deep fake” technologies may appear in test mode in social media players and browsers as early as 2022, according to the Director of the SafeNet regional engineering centre of the National Technology Initiative, Denis Kuvikov, on Monday, May 2.   The

Recommended | Funny Russia | Fun  | 01.03.20

Volga Limousine Amazed Residents of Tyumen

Tyumen lawyer, Yevgeniy Levchenko, is used to constant attention on the roads. His car travelled a long distance before reaching Tyumen and has been serving its owners already for seven years, e1.ru reports.  Yevgeniy brought Volga car from the Gus-Khrustalny town. This is the usual Volga, just with 8 places, instead of the usual 5.