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Putin Made Official Day of Family, Love and Fidelity on July 8

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree on the establishment of the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity on July 8. It has come into force on the day of the decree’s signing.   “In order to preserve traditional family values and spiritual and moral education of children and youth, I decree: to

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Omsk Refinery Helped in Opening Family Robotics School

​A family robotics school has appeared in the Soviet District of Omsk, where students will be able to develop engineering skills and get acquainted with relevant technical professions.  “Omsk Refinery conducts multi-stage training of specialists to work in high-tech production. By creating modern infrastructure in schools and institutions of additional education, we stimulate children’s interest

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First in 120 Years: Russia Holds Wedding of Royal Heir [Video]

A descendant of the Romanov dynasty that ruled the Russian Empire until its downfall during the Bolshevik Revolution got married in the former imperial capital, St. Petersburg, today, on Friday, RT reports.    As stated, the country’s second city is expecting to host the wedding of Grand Duke Georgiy Mikhailovich Romanov and his Italian fiancée,

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Seven Russian Airlines to Receive Subsidies for Family Air Travel

The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has announced seven airlines that will receive subsidies for family air travel across Russia, RIA Novosti reported.  The agency noted that Azimut, S7, Smartavia, Red Wings, Ural Airlines, Nordwind, and Aeroflot took part in the selection. As a result, it was decided that the applications of all selection participants

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Russian Authorities Provide Active Support to Families With Children

From August 2, 2021, citizens of the Russian Federation can receive a lump sum payment of 10 thousand rubles for a school-age child (from 6 to 18 years old), TASS reports.   In addition to these payments, the Russian authorities actively support families living in the country by means of many other cash benefits. Thus, women

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Experts Counted How Many Russian Families Have a Car

Half of the Russian families do not have a personal car, according to RIA Novosti with reference to the data of a comprehensive observation of the living conditions of Russians conducted by the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat).   It is specified that the study takes place once every two years and covers 60 thousand households, based

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Most Russians Would Rather Live in Family Than Alone

On July 8, Russia celebrated the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, timed to coincide with the Orthodox day of memory of Prince Peter and his wife Fevronia. For this holiday, specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) conducted a survey to find out the Russians’ attitude to the process of family creation. 

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Russian Families With Children to Receive Travel Benefits

The Russian government will subsidize preferential fares for family travel on long-distance trains, RIA Novosti told with reference to the press service of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers.  It is specified that the privileges will apply to trips in compartment coaches on long-distance trains of all categories. Families with one child or several children under

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Over 5,500 Russian Families to Receive Housing Certificates in 2021

More than 5.5 thousand families in Russia will receive housing certificates in 2021, according to the press service of the Russian government.   It is noted that housing certificates give the right to purchase housing at the expense of the federal budget. Certain categories of citizens can count on such support, including Chernobyl victims, citizens moving