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Economics | Business  | 22.02.22

Russia’s Central Bank Announced Support Measures for Russian Banks

The Bank of Russia has allowed credit institutions to temporarily not reflect the negative revaluation of securities on their balance sheets so that this does not worsen their performance. The regulator has already applied similar measures in 2014 and 2020.  Russian banks will be able to not recognize losses due to the depreciation of securities

Economics | Business  | 16.12.21

Russia Reduced Investments in US Government Bonds

The volume of Russian investments in the US government securities this October decreased compared to the previous month and amounted to $3.720 billion, which follows from the documents of the US Treasury published on December 15, 2021. As specified, in September, this figure was estimated at $3.918 billion, while in August it was $4.004 billion.

Economics | Business  | 22.11.21

Russian Central Bank Opposed Use of Bitcoin in the Country

The Central Bank of Russia opposes the use of bitcoin as a means of payment for settlements within the country, according to the Chairman of the bank, Elvira Nabiullina, who also added that, in general, the organization sees no harm in digital currencies, except in cases when they are “used for questionable transactions.”   Nabiullina stressed

Economics | Business  | 15.09.21

Russian Ruble Included in Top 20 World Currencies

The Russian ruble occupied the 20th place with a share of 0.18 per cent in international settlements. Previously, the Russian national currency has already appeared in the rating in December 2016, also in the 20th place, RT reports.    According to the rating, the most popular global currency is the US dollar with a 39.38

Economics | Business  | 08.09.21

Kremlin Spokesman: Russia is Not Ready to Recognize Cryptocurrencies

Russia is not ready to recognize cryptocurrencies, as equating cryptocurrency with money would harm the country’s financial system, as stated by the Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, RT reports. “It is certain that Russia is not ready for such steps. So far there is not the slightest reason to [recognize cryptocurrencies],” Peskov

Economics | Business  | 12.07.21

Russian Teenagers Named Top Expense Items

Specialists of the NAFI Analytical Centre conducted a study and found out the level of financial literacy of adolescents in Russia. It turned out that despite the fact that most of the financial decisions for schoolchildren of 14-17 years old are made by their parents, 82 per cent of adolescents have personal funds. In addition,

Economics | Insight | Around Russia  | 08.07.21

Financial Literacy Lessons to Be Introduced in Russian Schools

Teaching financial literacy will become compulsory for Russian schools. Various elements of this discipline have already appeared in the new educational standards, RIA Novosti reports. In the elementary grades, it will be included in the programme of Mathematics and from the fifth to the ninth grades, it will be added to Social Studies and Geography.  

Economics | Insight | Around Russia  | 23.05.21

Experts Analysed Russian Schoolchildren’s Savings

About 20 per cent of Russian schoolchildren save up for gadgets and electronics, as follows from a study conducted by the international educational company YaKlass, RIA Novosti reports.  In April-May 2021, the company’s specialists conducted a survey in which 1,083 students of grades 7-11 of schools in 85 regions of the Russian Federation took part.

Economics | Business  | 29.03.21

Russians Increased Financial Literacy Level

According to the results of the third stage of measuring the level of financial literacy, carried out by order of the Bank of Russia, Russians began to use more digital financial services, look for information about financial institutions in reliable sources, and make savings in case of unforeseen circumstances, the press service of the Central

Economics | Business  | 22.02.21

Russian Financial Experts Calculated ‘Safety Cushion’ Optimal Size

By conventional standards, the safety cushion should be between three and six-monthly household expenses. It is this amount that will be needed to maintain a habitual lifestyle after dismissal and while looking for a new job, Prime reports.  The founder and CEO of the “Dengi Vpered” (“Money First”) fintech company, Pavel Guzhikov, considers it reasonable to

Economics | Business  | 16.02.21

DOM.RF Topped Russian Employers Rating 2020

The DOM.RF Joint Stock Company was named the most attractive employer in Russia in the construction and real estate industry in the rating compiled by the HeadHunter job search service specialists in 2020. At the same time, DOM.RF entered the top 20 of the overall rating of companies with up to 1,000 employees, and DOM.RF

Economics | Business  | 19.11.20

Tatarstan Families Started Refinance Social Mortgage

Since June 2020, Tatarstan residents can get a renovated flat at a price almost two times lower than the market price, and then carry out refinancing under bank conditions, Respublika Tatarstan reports with reference to the press service of the State Housing Fund of Tatarstan.  It is specified that to refinance a social loan, you