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Finland Arrested Yandex Assets

Even though the Russian search engine Yandex is not under western sanctions, the “Helsingin Sanomat” newspaper wrote on Thursday, September 22, that the Yandex data center in Mäntsälä was arrested.  According to the Finnish newspaper, the executive body of Finland in August froze the local assets of Yandex on the basis of the inclusion of

Finland Proposed EU Imposing Travel Sanctions Against Russians

Finland has proposed to the EU to include a ban on issuing tourist visas in the list of anti-Russian sanctions, as well as terminate Schengen visas for Russians.  “Finland has proposed that in order to strengthen the unity of the EU, tourist visas should be included in the scope of EU sanctions. Finland considers it

Baltic States and Poland Banned Entry of Russian Tourists

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland are closing entry from Monday for Russian citizens with tourist visas, including Schengen visas issued by third countries.  “Together with Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, we decided to jointly limit tourism opportunities for Russian citizens in order to protect public order and security. Now, it is impossible to guarantee that Russian

Finnish Prime Minister Blames Energy Crisis on Vladimir Putin

Finland, as well as its EU allies, made a decision to shoot itself in the foot economically by unilaterally slashing energy purchases from Russia. Moreover, the country complicated the process of issuing visas to Russians, who used to make up a big income for the tourism industry. However, the leadership of the state blames a

Finnish Company Files Rosatom for Contract It Terminated Itself

Finnish company Fennovoima filed a lawsuit against Russian Rosatom for almost 2 billion euros for the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power plant (NPP) and said it was waiting for a counterclaim. The Russian state corporation said that lawsuits have already been filed, for $3 billion.    Fennovoima is a nuclear power company established by Russian state’s nuclear

Tensions are Growing on Russian-Finnish Border

Yesterday, on July 28, the EU Commission banned Finland from refusing to issue visas to Russians. However, now the customs has tightened the rules for the carriage of foreign currency and goods. From Finland, it is now impossible to export goods more expensive than 300 euros per piece, equipment over 750 euros, and food over

Finland Seized Over 800 Russian Freight Cars Over EU Sanctions

Finland has seized nearly a thousand Russian freight cars as a result of EU sanctions, Reuters reported on Tuesday, June 5. It is alleged that the Finnish bailiff service informed the agency about the freezing of assets of several dozen individuals and companies from Russia and Belarus in accordance with EU sanctions. Among them were

Finland Lifted All Restrictions on Country Entry for Russians

Finland, from Friday, July 1, removes all coronavirus restrictions on entry into the country for all tourists, including Russians.  Thus, when crossing the border, all travelers from third countries are exempt from presenting a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 and passing tests for coronavirus. They will only need a valid visa to enter the country.