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Business | Technology  | 18.02.22

Most Powerful Surface Ship in Russia to Undergo Final Upgrade This Year

The Project 11442M heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Admiral Nakhimov set to become the Russian Navy’s most powerful surface ship after its repairs and upgrade at the Sevmash Shipyard, the port city of Severodvinsk on the White Sea.  The heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Admiral Nakhimov has been under repairs at the Sevmash Shipyard since 1999. Real

US Nuclear Submarine Violated Russian Waters

The US Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarine has been detected in Russian territorial waters off the Kuril Islands, as reported by the Russian Defence Ministry on Saturday, February 12.  As stated, the vessel was found submerged off the small uninhabited island of Urup while Russia’s Pacific Fleet was holding exercises in the area. Russian vessels contacted

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Russian Black Sea Fleet Started Major Exercises [Video]

The Russian Black Sea Fleet began large-scale military exercises on Wednesday, January 26. According to the official data, more than 20 ships went to the exercises.    “Frigates, patrol ships, small missile ships and missile boats, amphibious assault ships, small anti-submarine ships, as well as minesweepers are involved in carrying out tasks according to the

Business | Technology  | 28.10.21

Russian Pacific Fleet to Receive Four New Submarines

New submarines will be delivered to the Pacific Fleet in the coming years, according to the statement of the Chief of Staff of the Command of the Submarine Forces of the Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral Arkady Navarsky.  “We are expecting the arrival of four submarines: two Borey and two Yasen. Their construction is almost complete.

Norwegian Military Officials Welcome Russians First Time in Two Years

Amid an overall strain on bilateral relations of Norway with Russia, the Norwegian Labour party that recently won an election expressed an intention to build a warmer relationship with Russia, Sputnik reports.     High-ranking Norwegian and Russian military officials meet today on 29 September in the Norwegian town of Kirkenes bordering the Russian Murmansk Region

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Russia to Expand Navy With New Warships

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has revealed that the country’s shipyards have begun work on half a dozen new vessels for its growing navy. He also stated that Moscow is now planning to renew its armed forces with innovative hardware, RT reports.   Speaking as part of the Army 2021 International Forum on Monday, August 23, Vladimir

Russia Strives to Ensure Security in Persian Gulf

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, announced that Moscow will ensure security in the Persian Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean amid a surge in piracy-related incidents across the globe, Sputnik reports. Speaking at a UN Security Council maritime security conference on Monday, August 9, Putin stressed the necessity of combating transnational crime.  “Unfortunately, there are also many

Russian Diplomat Warns: Black Sea Becoming Dangerous Confrontation Zone

The Black Sea is becoming a zone of dangerous military confrontation due to NATO exercises, the director of the fourth European department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yuri Pilipson, said in the interview with RIA Novosti. According to him, the alliance’s manoeuvres in the region provoke conflicts.  “It is quite obvious that this

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Russians Expressed Confidence in Navy’s Protective Power

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) conducted a survey of Russians timed to coincide with Navy Day. The results of this study allowed the experts to state that the overwhelming majority of the country’s residents (84 per cent) are confident that the Navy is capable of protecting Russia’s sea borders in the