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Europe Tries to Survive Without Russian Gas, But Fails

Several dozen Polish districts were left without gas after Poland imposed sanctions on firms associated with Russia. As the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic, Pavel Shefernaker, stated today, on April 28, the authorities are trying to do everything possible to restore gas supply to these areas.   We are talking about Novatek Green

Russian Oligarchs Connected to Gas Giants Found Dead in Own Homes

Spanish officials are investigating the mysterious deaths of a Russian gas executive and his wife and daughter. The case evokes questions also because it’s not the first tragedy happened with the Russian official in gas sphere.   Investigators are said to be working on the assumption that the former top manager of the Russia’s gas giant

Russia to Tighten Rules for Obtaining Visas for Foreign Journalists

Russia will tighten the rules of entry for journalists from “unfriendly” countries, as stated by the Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Ivanov.  “We are complicating it, by no means canceling it, but we are complicating obtaining visas for journalists from unfriendly countries,” Ivanov said at a meeting of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on

Russian Consulate in Lithuanian Klaipeda Has Been Closed

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Klaipeda, Lithuania, has been closed, according to the website of the diplomatic mission. Russian Ambassador, Alexei Isakov, was supposed to leave Lithuania last week, after Vilnius decided to lower the level of Russia’s diplomatic representation.  In the second half of March, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry sent a note

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Russia Adopted Law Restricting Banks From Providing Data to Unfriendly Countries

The State Duma of the Russian Federation on Wednesday, April 20, adopted a law that imposes restrictions on Russian credit institutions in providing information to the competent authorities of foreign states, including judicial authorities.  The document was submitted to Parliament by the government in June 2021 and has since been finalized for the second reading.

Russia Counted Foreign Mercenaries in Ukraine, Warning They’ll Face Criminal Punishment

Since the start of the special military operation, the Kiev nationalist regime has brought 6,824 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries to Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry stated on Sunday, April 17. Of these, 1,035 have been “destroyed,” while several thousand remain.  Within days of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, the Kiev’s government promised visa-free entry

Russian Sailors Banned From Going Ashore in European Ports

Trade unions are doing their best to help the crews of Russian ships that have been restricted from entering European ports due to sanctions. This was reported by the Chairman of the Far Eastern Regional Organization of the Russian Seafarers’ Union, Nikolay Sukhanov.  As part of the fifth package of sanctions, since April 16, the

Putin Warns West: Assets Nationalization is Double-Edged Weapon

The nationalization of assets is a double-edged weapon, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned during a government meeting in response to some Western countries proposing to seize Russia’s property abroad.   “We’re already hearing announcements coming from some officials about the possible nationalization of some of our assets. Well, this can be taken very far. Let

Over 200 Russian Diplomats Expelled From US and Europe

More than 200 Russian diplomats working in the US and Europe have been expelled in total, and yesterday, on April 5, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden informed Russia about their decision to expel a combined total of 48 Russian diplomats, becoming the latest EU countries to resort to such measure.  Thus, Denmark will expel 15 Russian