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Funny Russia | Fun | Videos  | 04.06.21

Russian Policeman Got Upset About Fraudsters [Video]

Every time a Russian transfers money to fraudsters, a local police officer feels sad, according to the Krasnoyarsk Ministry of Internal Affairs Chief Directorate.   Policemen explained their creativity by the fact that no one has watched traditional fraud prevention videos for a long time. So, the employees of the local police station decided to attract

Insight | Around Russia  | 01.06.21

HR Specialists Reveal Top Lies in Russians’ Resumes

According to the experience of Russian recruiters, the top 3 resume sections where job seekers most often can lie are professional skills, work experience and job responsibilities, which follows from a survey conducted by SuperJob job search specialists.  Experts found out that most often one can doubt the credibility of information about a candidate’s professional

Business | Technology  | 25.03.21

MegaFon Became First Operator to Launch Cyber Intelligence Platform

MegaFon was the first telecom operator to launch a cyber intelligence platform that will be able to help banks prevent theft of money from customer accounts and corporate businesses to protect their employees from mobile fraud, 1rnd reports.  It is specified that the platform collects information about all modern sources of network attacks on mobile