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Russian President Discussed Gas Hub With Turkish Leader

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, discussed the gas hub project in a telephone conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. This is reported by the Anadolu agency.  During the talks, Erdogan assured Putin that Ankara has strengthened and continues to strengthen the energy infrastructure necessary for the creation of a natural gas center. In addition, the

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Vladimir Putin Launched Work in Kovyktinskoye Field

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, launched the operation of the Kovyktinskoye field, the gas from which will flow to the Power of Siberia. According to him, the launch of the field will give a serious impetus to the development of the eastern regions of the country.  “A powerful strategically important production complex is being created in

Gazprom Announced Gas Subsidence Sent to Moldova Through Ukraine

Gazprom records the subsidence in Ukraine of Russian gas intended for delivery to Moldovan consumers under a contract with Moldovagaz, the company’s Telegram channel says.  The amount of natural gas supplied by Gazprom to the Sudzha gas measuring station for transit to Chisinau through the territory of a neighboring country exceeds the physical volume transferred

Kherson Residents to Receive Russian Coal for Free 

Supplies of gas and coal from the territory of the Russian Federation have begun to the Kherson region, according to the Chairman of the government of the military-civilian administration of the region Sergey Eliseev.  “We have switched to supplying gas from the territory of Russia, from the territory of Crimea. Today, we can say with

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Twitch Blocked Russian Broadcasting Gas Stove 24/7 [Video]

The US video streaming service Twitch blocked the channel of a Russian who launched a round-the-clock broadcast with a working gas stove.  “This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of the community rules or Twitch terms of sale,” the message says when trying to watch the stream. A resident of Rostov-on-Don with the

Finnish Prime Minister Blames Energy Crisis on Vladimir Putin

Finland, as well as its EU allies, made a decision to shoot itself in the foot economically by unilaterally slashing energy purchases from Russia. Moreover, the country complicated the process of issuing visas to Russians, who used to make up a big income for the tourism industry. However, the leadership of the state blames a

Nord Stream Resumed Pumping Gas

The Nord Stream gas pipeline has resumed gas transportation from Russia to Germany after scheduled maintenance work. According to the gas transmission operators, OPAL Gastransport and NEL Gastransport, the work of the gas pipeline has resumed exactly in accordance with the schedule of routine maintenance.  The Nord Stream gas pipeline began operation in 2011. In

Canada to Give Back Gazprom Turbine Despite Sanctions

The Canadian government plans, in agreement with Germany, to withdraw the turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline from sanctions, the Ukrainian newspaper Evropeiskaya Pravda reports.  According to the EP, the formal reason for lifting sanctions should be the argument that the return of the turbine will give Russia the technical opportunity to restore the

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Russia Entered Top 3 European Countries With Most Affordable Gas

Russia took the second place in the ranking of countries on the cheapness of gas for the population. Kazakhstan occupied the first place and Belarus took the third, according to the RIA Novosti study.  To assess the cost of gas for the population, the RIA Rating experts analyzed its prices in rubles. In addition, the