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Economics | Business  | 25.05.22

Russia Entered Top 3 European Countries With Most Affordable Gas

Russia took the second place in the ranking of countries on the cheapness of gas for the population. Kazakhstan occupied the first place and Belarus took the third, according to the RIA Novosti study.  To assess the cost of gas for the population, the RIA Rating experts analyzed its prices in rubles. In addition, the

French Newspaper: EU Failed to Find Replacements for Russian Gas

Some EU countries are pushing forward the idea of refusing Russian hydrocarbon supplies due to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Now the EU countries are facing troubles finding replacements for Russian hydrocarbons, especially gas, French newspaper Le Monde diplomatique states.  The article explains that in their effort to stop purchases of Russian hydrocarbons, the

Russia to Stop Gas Supplies to Finland Tomorrow Morning

Gas supplies from Russia to Finland will stop at 7 am this Saturday, as reported by the ‘Gasum’ Finnish company.   “In the afternoon on Friday, May 20, Gazprom Export informed Gasum that natural gas supplies to Finland under the agreement will be terminated on Saturday, May 21, 2022, at 07.00,” the message reads. Gasum Oy

Economics | Business  | 12.05.22

Gazprom Subsidiaries in Germany Stopped Receiving Russian Gas

German Economy Minister, Robert Habeck, reported that the German subsidiaries of Gazprom have stopped receiving gas from Russia since May 11, 2022.  “Yesterday [on May 11] in the evening, at about 10.30 pm, Putin published a decree according to which European enterprises are subject to sanctions. In Germany, Gazprom and its subsidiaries no longer receive

Austria Can’t Stop Payments for Russian Gas

Austria cannot simply stop paying for Russian gas, this requires an appropriate legal basis, and now there is none, according to the Head of the OMV Austrian oil company that is the largest one in Central Europe, Alfred Stern. He added that industrial enterprises and energy producers consume more than 70 per cent of the

Europe Tries to Survive Without Russian Gas, But Fails

Several dozen Polish districts were left without gas after Poland imposed sanctions on firms associated with Russia. As the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic, Pavel Shefernaker, stated today, on April 28, the authorities are trying to do everything possible to restore gas supply to these areas.   We are talking about Novatek Green

Hungary Agreed to Pay for Russian Gas and Oil in Rubles

Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, confirmed to CNN that his country will use the payment scheme introduced by Russia for Russian oil and gas.  “85 per cent of our gas and 65 per cent of our oil come from Russia. Why? Because it is determined by the infrastructure. This is not for entertainment, we did

Russian Oligarchs Connected to Gas Giants Found Dead in Own Homes

Spanish officials are investigating the mysterious deaths of a Russian gas executive and his wife and daughter. The case evokes questions also because it’s not the first tragedy happened with the Russian official in gas sphere.   Investigators are said to be working on the assumption that the former top manager of the Russia’s gas giant