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Russians Hacked Ramstein Military Base Website

Russian hackers from the Killnet group announced that they hacked the website of the American military base Ramstein in Germany.  “The base broke down, something like that,” the Telegram channel We are Killnet reported. According to the RIA Novosti correspondents in Europe, the website was really not working. When trying to open a website in

Former German Chancellor Refused to Cut Ties With Russian President

Former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, in an interview with RTL/ntv, responded to criticism for maintaining contacts with Russia during the political crisis and friendly relations with the country’s President Vladimir Putin.  As the former chairman of the German government stressed, the situation in Ukraine can be resolved through negotiations, for which the Kremlin is ready.

Canada to Give Back Gazprom Turbine Despite Sanctions

The Canadian government plans, in agreement with Germany, to withdraw the turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline from sanctions, the Ukrainian newspaper Evropeiskaya Pravda reports.  According to the EP, the formal reason for lifting sanctions should be the argument that the return of the turbine will give Russia the technical opportunity to restore the

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Adidas and Puma Plan to Stay in Russian Market

German manufacturers of sporting goods, Adidas and Puma, which have suspended their work in Russia, have accepted the applications from Russian retailers for the 2023 collection, as reported by Izvestia, citing an informed source.   According to Izvestia, the above-mentioned brands have closed all single-brand stores in the country, but continue to ship new products to

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Gazprom Subsidiaries in Germany Stopped Receiving Russian Gas

German Economy Minister, Robert Habeck, reported that the German subsidiaries of Gazprom have stopped receiving gas from Russia since May 11, 2022.  “Yesterday [on May 11] in the evening, at about 10.30 pm, Putin published a decree according to which European enterprises are subject to sanctions. In Germany, Gazprom and its subsidiaries no longer receive

Europe Tries to Survive Without Russian Gas, But Fails

Several dozen Polish districts were left without gas after Poland imposed sanctions on firms associated with Russia. As the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic, Pavel Shefernaker, stated today, on April 28, the authorities are trying to do everything possible to restore gas supply to these areas.   We are talking about Novatek Green

Germany Seized Power in Russian Gas Giant’s Company

Gazprom Germania, the German subsidiary of the Russian gas giant Gazprom, will come under the management of the Federal Grid Agency of Germany until September 30, despite Moscow’s previous statements that such a move would be illegal. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the statement of the Minister of Economy of Germany Robert

Germany not Ready to Sharply Reject Russian Oil

Germany’s position on the supply of Russian oil has not changed – Berlin will not be able to abandon it immediately. This was stated on Monday, March 21, by the representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers Steffen Hebestreit, answering a question about whether the EU can impose an embargo on Russian oil.  “The government,