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Culture | Visit  | 01.05.21

Russian Priest Explained Meaning of Easter Food

Easter dishes, coloured eggs and Easter cakes, are only symbolic food but faith in God is the most important for the salvation of a Christian’s soul, RIA News reports with reference to the practising emergency doctor, hieromonk Theodorit (Senchukov).  “The fact is that all these ritual dishes – cottage cheese Easter cakes, Easter cakes, coloured

Fun | Beauty & Fashion  | 26.10.20

Omsk Fashion Festival Showed Citizens ‘Winter Tale’

The All-Russian Festival of Design and Arts “Siberian Ethnics” was held in Omsk on October 23-25 in the City Museum “Omsk Art”. The video of the event was published on the Omsk regional Instagram-Page.    The first day was opened by the cultural and educational project “Covering Shawls”. On Saturday, “Siberian Ethics” presented young art

Recommended | Culture | Visit  | 09.01.20

What People Should Not Do During Christmas Time

Christmas time is almost two weeks with a special meaning and unique traditions. There are certain things that are strictly not recommended to be done during Christmas time. For example, sewing, divination, swearing and getting angry, especially at parents.  The period from January 6 to 18 since ancient times is considered mysterious and magical. The