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Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 28.01.21

First Recreation Areas for Doctors Opened in Nizhny Novgorod

On January 27, 2021, the first recreation area for doctors was opened as part of the “It’s Time to Say Thank You” charitable action, NewsNN reports with reference to the press service of the Nizhny Novgorod Restaurant Alliance Association.    In gratitude to the doctors who are fighting the coronavirus, more than 100 restaurant projects

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Muscovites to Choose New Metro Train Design

On the Active Citizen portal, Moscow residents will be able to choose the design concept for a new themed metro train dedicated to the feat of medical workers who fought against the spread of COVID-19 in 2020.  It is specified that the project participants will be offered a choice of four concepts, namely “Thanks in

Moscow | Insight  | 05.12.20

Russians Expressed Gratitude to Doctors on Metro Screens

Volunteers and doctors were thanked for helping Russians amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Telegram-channel of the Moscow Department of Transport.  “Volunteers together with doctors have become one of the main characters of this year. We support volunteers and annually join the Day of Kindness,” the publication says. The ministry emphasized that the words

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Today Volunteer Gratitude Marathon Starts in Moscow

Today, in Moscow will be held a gratitude marathon “Thank You, Moscow Volunteers”, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported. The event starts on August 2 and will last until August 14.   The participants of the event are volunteers and partners of the all-Russian campaign #WeAreTogether. It is noted that the action will begin

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Novosibirsk Hockey Club Dedicated 2020-2021 Season to Doctors

The Novosibirsk hockey club Sibir (“Siberia”) created a special emblem for the 2020-2021 game season with the medical symbol which they dedicated to doctors fighting the spread of coronavirus infection. On the official website of the club, it is stated that the COVID-19 pandemic forced the members of the club to rethink the established system

Recommended | Events | Visit  | 21.06.20

Russians Write Gratitude Letters to Doctors

As part of the action “Thanks to Doctors” Muscovites personally express words of gratitude to medical workers and leave warm wishes for them, Regnum reports.  The organizers of the action placed art objects in Moscow, one of which is made in the form of a big heart, into which the cards with kind words can

Recommended | Events | Visit  | 13.05.20

Thanks to Doctors: New Graffiti Appeared in Moscow Region

Graffiti “Thanks to the Doctors!” appeared near the Krasnogorsk hospital, the Moscow region, Radio 1 reports. The authors of the street art masterpiece are brothers Mikhail and Sergey Erofeevs. Artists explained that the work was created in gratitude to all the doctors who are currently fighting the coronavirus. Ru-Main, 13.05.2020

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Tatarstan Youth Suggested Doctors to Attach Photos to Protective Suits

The youth parliament of Tatarstan invited the Ministry of Health to recommend that doctors working with people with coronavirus cases attach their photo to a protective suit, KazanFirst reports.  “This situation leads to a problem: people who have discharged from hospitals will not know the faces of those doctors who risked their lives for them,