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Russians Hacked Ramstein Military Base Website

Russian hackers from the Killnet group announced that they hacked the website of the American military base Ramstein in Germany.  “The base broke down, something like that,” the Telegram channel We are Killnet reported. According to the RIA Novosti correspondents in Europe, the website was really not working. When trying to open a website in

Ukraine Urges Citizens to Leave Country’s South, Claiming It Has 1 Mln Army to Fight Russia 

Ukrainian authorities are urging their citizens to leave the southern regions of the country, which are now under the control of the Russian army, as Kiev is reportedly preparing a counteroffensive in this direction, according to the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk on Sunday, July 10.   According to Vereshchuk, the armed forces of Ukraine

Russian Hackers Obtained Ukrainian Army’s Secret Files

The RaHDIt Russian hacker group and the Ukrainian Beregini female hacker team have obtained secret documents relating to the operation of the Ukrainian armed forces, according to a RaHDIt member.   “Yes, we have access to operational documents of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we have data on the operational situation, we are working with our

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Hackathon Participants Develop Useful Services for Muscovites

The participants of the Moscow online hackathon will create useful services for city residents. The event will be held as part of the Moscow Mayor’s Digital Transformation Leaders Award from October 30 to November 1. The main task of the participants is to improve people’s lives through digital technologies development, Moscow Mayor’s official website reports.  

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Life Safety Lessons: Course of Cyber Defense in Russian Schools

The Ministry of Education of Russia approved the introduction of cybersecurity and protection against digital threats as part of the school course on life safety, reports IZ.RU. During such lessons, students will be taught to give examples of information and computer risks and threats, to prevent them. Social activists note that the main danger for

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Moscow Travel Hack – First Tourism Hackathon in Moscow

Applications for Moscow Travel Hack, the first hackathon to digitalize the tourism industry, are now open in Moscow.   A hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and other people involved in software development, including graphic and interface designers, project managers, domain experts, collaborate intensively on software projects. Moscow competition will be held by the

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Rostov Woman Seeks Investigation into Virtual Things Theft

Rostov woman Anna is trying to get a criminal case on theft in virtual space. Hackers stole from her Dota 2 game things worth over 30 thousand rubles.  The security forces are not in a hurry to look for cybercriminals. Anna told about her story in social networks. On the night of February 22-23, her