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Trading | Business | Technology  | 06.12.21

Smart Home Devices Sales in Russia Increased by 34% This Year

In 2021, demand for smart home products in the MegaFon Retail network increased, as reported by the company’s press service. It is noted that demand has risen by 34 per cent in physical terms and 41 per cent in monetary terms.   The company’s analysts believe that interest in this category of goods has increased due

Insight | Around Russia  | 19.02.21

Real Estate Experts Named Russian Regions With Best Housing Commissioning

Employees of the ‘Top-RF.ru‘ business information agency, based on data from the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat), have compiled a rating of Russian regions in terms of housing commissioning per capita.   According to the results of the study, at the end of 2020, 2,375.9 thousand square metres of the total area of ​​residential real estate were

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Russians Revealed Why They Like Private Houses

Almost half of Russians (42 per cent) in a hypothetical situation of choosing a new housing will give preference not to a flat but to a private house. At the same time, in real life, only 16 per cent of Russians intend to purchase or build a house in the next 5 years, according to

Economics | Business  | 05.09.20

Russian Banks to Get Support for Issuing Primary Mortgage

Russian banks got a chance to apply for the allocation of an additional limit of 160 billion rubles for the implementation of a mortgage programme with state support at a rate of 6.5%, Dom.RF reports with reference to the decree signed by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Mikhail Mishustin.  Currently, 58 banks and

Trading | Business  | 02.08.20

Top High-Demand Products on Russian Market

In July 2020, the volume of Russian spending reached the level of 2019 and consumer spending became more stable, which was evidenced by a new study on the analytical portal SberIndex, om1 reported.   It is noted that Russians began to spend more on cars (5.5% compared to last year). In the category “Auto Parts

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Moscow Nature Experts Showed Handmade Birdhouses

The Moscow Nature experts (MosPriroda) summed up the results of the competition for the manufacture of artificial nests. Young Muscovites created handmade birdhouses for the birds living in the Setun’s River Valley Nature Reserve. The competition was aimed at teaching children and their parents to be more caring about the world around them.  A competition

Insight | Around Russia  | 09.07.20

Russians Ask Government for Free Home Repair

Russian lawyer, Alexander Zorin, said which categories of Russian citizens have the right to ask for free housing repairs, OTR reported. According to a state programme, the disabled of the 1st and 2nd groups, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, orphans, and children left without parental care can ask for a free repair.    To

Moscow | Insight  | 04.06.20

Over 17,000 Muscovites Moved Under Renovation Programme

Over 17,000 people have moved to new apartments since the start of the renovation programme in Moscow, the Moscow news agency reports with reference to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Policy and Construction Andrey Bochkarev.  Bochkarev noted that as part of the Moscow renovation programme, over 22.6 thousand residents are relocating, of which

Business | Technology  | 01.04.20

Over 20 Moscow Houses Dismantled Using Smart Demolition Technology

In Moscow, 21 residential buildings were dismantled under a renovation programme. On the site of demolition, it is planned to build modern houses, as well as landscaping, equipping playgrounds and recreation areas, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. It was said that smart demolition technology was used everywhere, which included several stages. The whole

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Boutique Hotel “Dom Sivre” in Samara

Dom Sivre Boutique Hotel is located in Samara, two blocks from the pedestrian part of Leningradskaya Street and the Volga Embankment.  The stone mansion, that is the building of the hotel, was built at the end of the 19th century in the Art Nouveau style. The mansion on the former Voznesenskaya street belonged to Anna

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Environment-Friendly House: New Way to Save on Utility Bills

Residential complex “Komsomolskaya, 67” received a gold certificate of Green Zoom standard after an independent examination.  High-class and energy-efficient household appliances consume a minimum of electricity without compromising functionality. Naturally, this has a positive effect on utility bills. The development company Pervostroitel was one of the first to decide on a set of engineering solutions