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Insight | Around Russia  | 01.09.20

New Hunting Rules Approved in Russia

The Ministry of Justice of Russia registered a new order on hunting rules which was prepared by the country’s Ministry of Nature. In the updated version all controversial norms that have not been tested in practice were removed.  In particular, “the requirements for hunting in the dark with the obligatory use of towers” were excluded.

Insight | Funny Russia | Chelyabinsk  | 31.08.20

Giant Mushrooms Found in Urals Forest

Giant mushrooms were gathered in the forests of the Chelyabinsk region. The weight of the find is unknown, but locals claimed that sometimes it can be about eight kilogrammes, chelTV reports.   It is noted that sometimes the size of mushrooms even reaches the size of a human head. The diameter of the cap of one

Recommended | Insight | Around Russia  | 10.01.20

New Breed of Dog: Karelian Laika

A new breed of dog, the Karelian Laika, was bred in Russia, reports Ministry of Nature Management of the Republic of Karelia. The breed standard was officially approved at a meeting of the special commission in Moscow. The breed has a bright red colour, hunts well and can live in an apartment.   Two different breeds

Moscow | Insight  | 30.11.19

Red Book Weasel Found in Kryukovsky Forest Park

In Kryukovsky forest park they found a weasel listed in the Red Book of Moscow. The animals were photographed during the hunt.  According to experts, the number of weasels in the capital has increased. This is due to the improvement of the food supply and stable environmental conditions in specially protected natural areas. In total,