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Sergey Lavrov Sees Nothing Bad in Foreigners’ Associations With Russia

Recently, a study was published that said that, in the opinions of Russians, foreigners associate Russia primarily with bears, vodka, and the country’s President Vladimir Putin. Also on the list of associations were cold and hospitality.  Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, commented on the results of this study, saying that “there is nothing wrong with

Insight | Around Russia  | 10.08.21

Experts Analyzed Russian Image Abroad

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented data from a survey of Russians on the ‘Image of Russia Abroad’. Thus, according to Russians, most often bears (11 per cent), vodka (11 per cent), and Russian President Vladimir Putin (10 per cent), as well as cold (6 per cent) and hospitality (4 per

Insight | Around Russia  | 11.06.21

Russians Named Top Character Features of Writers

The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented data from a survey of Russians about how they see contemporary Russian writers. The most popular writers among Russians appeared to be Daria Dontsova (5 per cent), Boris Akunin (4 per cent), Zakhar Prilepin (4 per cent), Viktor Pelevin (3 per cent), and Tatyana Ustinova (3 per

Insight | Around Russia  | 18.03.21

Almost 30% Russians Connected With Science

Experts from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) and ANO “National Priorities” presented data from a joint study of the image of a scientist in the public opinion of modern Russians.   According to the results of the survey, more than half of Russians have seen materials about Russian scientists, developers, new discoveries (57 per

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Russian Scientists Developed Navigation System for Satellites

Scientists from the Russian Space Research Institute (IKI) have developed an optoelectronic system of relative navigation for docking with satellites. In the coming years, it is planned to test it on a bench, according to the IKI report for 2020.  It is noted that docking of spacecraft can be carried out for refuelling a satellite,

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Public Opinion: Real Man’s Most Important Character Traits

On the eve of International Men’s Day, which was celebrated yesterday, n November 19, the NAFI Analytical Centre conducted the all-Russian survey to study the attitude of the male half of the country’s inhabitants to the image of a “real man”.  According to Russian men, the defining events in the life of every man should

Insight | Technology | Chelyabinsk  | 18.09.20

Thermal Imager Installed at Chelyabinsk Medical University

CCTV cameras with a built-in thermometer were installed at the entrance to the Chelyabinsk medical university. The system measures the temperature of a body and recognizes the faces of those who enter the institution. The whole procedure takes just a few seconds.   It is specified that thermal imagers are video cameras with thermal imaging optics,

Recommended | Insight | Around Russia  | 23.08.20

Russian Schoolchildren Discovered New Island in Arctic

Russian schoolchildren examined satellite images of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and discovered an unknown island, Tsargrad reports. The Northern Fleet expedition has already confirmed the discovery.  It is reported that the new island is located in the Vilkitsky Bay near the Northern Island of the archipelago. This land area was previously considered a cape, but

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Russian Women Named “Real Man’s” Dream Salary

Russian experts have found out how much, according to the public opinion of women in the country, the breadwinner of a family should earn. The survey involved more than 800 respondents from 61 regions of Russia, RIAFAN reported.   It is noted that Moscow women named 150,000 rubles as the minimum salary for their partners. They also

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Moscow Experts Created Social Volunteer Portrait

Most of Moscow social volunteers are people aged 31 to 50 years, and their number is approximately 65 per cent of the total number of city volunteers, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports with reference to the volunteer headquarters of the My Career centre.  In total, 1,500 volunteers are registered in Moscow. According

Russian Actress Arranged Retro Disco at Home

Russian actress, Natalia Bochkareva, arranged a fancy-dress retro-party. She showed the images of women from the 40s to the 90s. View this post on Instagram Друзья, решила сегодня вас немного развлечь и ненадолго перенеслась в музыкальное прошлое☺️? ⠀ А теперь давайте поговорим о ваших музыкальных предпочтениях.. Какую музыку и какого поколения вы слушаете чаще всего?

Funny Russia | Fun  | 19.01.20

Urals Resident Sells Picture for 10 Million Rubles

On the Avito ads website, appeared the advertising in which a resident of Chelyabinsk offers to buy an unusual photo for 10 million rubles, cheltv.ru reports.  The description indicates that this work of art “glows, creaks, dies”. The image shows either space or starry sky. From the centre of the “masterpiece” come rays, painted in