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Mercedes Stuck on Steps in Zelenograd

A Mercedes car got stuck on steps in Zelenograd on May 3, 2021. The owner of the car was not there when the incident happened, the Telegram channel “Incidents and Emergencies of Moscow and the Moscow region” reports.   The car got stuck on the stairs in the sixth microdistrict near block 601a in Zelenograd. The

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Don Rescuers Pulled Dog Out of Cold Water [Video]

Don rescuers took part in an unusual special operation, which was started by two dogs on the ice of the Don River, in the village of Vyoshenskaya, 1rnd reports.    According to the Rostov Regional Water Rescue Service, on the morning of January 28, 2021, its employees saw two dogs trying to help a third

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Yekaterinburg Residents Played Chess Right on Road

On January 27, 2021, in the afternoon in Yekaterinburg, two guys played chess in the middle of the road in the city centre. They put a red BMW on the emergency lights on the bridge and sat down at a table to drink tea and play chess, e1 reports.  The drivers passing by were signalling

Kaliningrad Parade Participant Who Lost Shoe Received Encouragement

Midshipman Ksenia Kalchinskaya, the paramedic of the Baltic Fleet Air Defense Missile Regiment, received encouragement from the Baltic Fleet Commander Admiral Alexander Nosatov, RIA News reports.  A participant in the parade in Kaliningrad lost her shoe but managed to keep marching on, for which she received a commemorative medal. Ksenia has been serving as a

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Tula Nurse Became Sportswear Model

A nurse from Tula became a world celebrity after appearing before her patients in a swimsuit. Nadezhda Zhukova is 23 years old, she graduated from Ryazan Medical University, and now works as a nurse in a Tula hospital.   The picture of Nadezhda working with coronavirus infected patients in a Tula Regional Hospital wearing a transparent

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EMERCOM Employees Support Daughter of Deceased Colleague

EMERCOM employees supported the pensioner woman and brought her food with other necessary things, Russian Emergency Situations Ministry reports.  The father of an elderly woman once served as a firefighter and died during the extinguishing of the Chelyabinsk furniture factory. EMERCOM employees from Yemanzhelinsk volunteered to help a daughter of the deceased colleague and promised to

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National Guard of Russia Helped Injured Man in Kazan

Soldiers of the military unit of the Kazan special regiment of the National Guard of Russia provided first aid to a man who received a head injury. This was reported by the press service of the Office of the National Guard of the Republic of Tatarstan, reports KazanFirst.  During the evening patrolling, the servicemen noticed

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Washing Machine On Chelyabinsk Street Surprised Locals

The residents of Chelyabinsk were surprised by the washing machine installed in the middle of the street, cheltv.ru reports.  The incident happened in the Parkovy microdistrict. Near one of the houses on Krasnopolsky Prospekt, they found a washing machine standing on the street. It was noticed next to the entrance of a high building. According

Funny Russia | Fun | Videos  | 18.01.20

Lonely Ostrich Was Noticed in St. Petersburg Suburbs [Video]

An ostrich, walking alone along a country road in Pavlovsk, was shot by a driver passing by. The video was posted on January 18 in the VK-group “Unreleased. Accident and Emergency. St. Petersburg“.  The bird belongs to a local resident from the Zverinets district, according to subscribers of the VK-Group “AUTO Pushkin“. Previously, a woman

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Man Flew 10 Floors through Ventilation Shaft and Survived

In Yakutsk, felt boots caused the man to fall into the ventilation shaft, and they also saved his life.  According to the local Yakutsk-Sakha News Agency, on December 8, at about two in the morning, rescuers were called to an apartment building. The night sleep of the townspeople was disturbed by cries for help. A

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Man in Thong Shocked Drivers with Defile on Ring Road [Video]

An unusual pedestrian was noticed on the ring road in St. Petersburg – his appearance attracted the attention of motorists. Despite the minus, the man briskly walked along the road without pants, but in thongs. Video of an unexpected fashion show, filmed the day before, eyewitnesses posted on December 1 in social networks. Watch video!

Business | Technology  | 28.11.19

Device Healing Bullet Wounds Invented by Ural Scientists

Ural scientists have come up with a device that, through the production of special argon gas, promotes the regeneration of wounds. It will help heal cuts, wounds and scars on the human body several times faster than they heal in natural conditions.  The device promotes the healing of bullet holes, can be used in surgery