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Business | Technology  | 26.12.22

First Module of Russian Orbital Station Hits High Readiness Level

The Scientific and Energy Module (NEM), which is considered by experts as the first module of the promising Russian Orbital Station (ROS), is now in a high degree of readiness, according to the Executive Director of Roscosmos for manned programmes Sergey Krikalev.  “The module is in a high degree of readiness at RSC Energia, and

Business | Technology  | 25.04.22

Aerospace Innovation Valley to Be Created in Ryazan Region

An aerospace innovation valley will be created in the Ryazan region of Russia, where it is planned to develop advanced technologies, materials and new types of products, as was reported on Monday by the press service of the Government of the Russian Federation.  “Aerospace, biomedical, and information technologies, as well as electronics and radio engineering

Events | Visit  | 15.11.21

Made in Russia: Moscow to Hold International Export Forum

On December 10, Moscow will host the International Export Forum “Made in Russia” organized by the Russian Export Centre. This year’s programme was formed taking into account the interests of exporters of any scale and experience.  It is noted that in addition to the official part of the event, to develop useful ties and business

Moscow | Insight  | 09.11.21

First Innovative Pedestrian Crossing Appeared in Moscow

The first pedestrian crossing of the future as part of the startup accelerator project “Moscow Transport Innovations” appeared in Moscow, as reported on Tuesday, November 9, in the Telegram channel of the city’s Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.    It is specified that special sensors will analyze the operation of information boards and

Moscow | Insight  | 11.10.21

Moscow Joined International Association for Innovations Development 

The Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC) has joined the global innovation and cluster development TCI Network that unites professionals from technology clusters from around the world. These are government agencies, cluster organizations, companies, as well as universities and industry experts.   “Cooperation with leading technological organizations opens up new opportunities for us,” the Vice Mayor of Moscow,

Business | Technology  | 24.08.21

Russian Scientists to Develop Software Detecting Cancer by Smell 

Russian specialists have started developing software that will allow doctors to detect cancer by the smell of a person, Gazeta.ru reports with reference to the representatives of the ‘Artezio’ company.  It is noted that the software needs to be properly integrated into medical solutions so that a doctor gets a more understandable picture for himself

Business | Technology  | 10.08.21

Unique Boat Created in Yaroslavl Region

The Yaroslavl shipyard of the Diesel Company has produced innovative boats made of low-pressure polyethylene. These boats are absolutely unique for the Russian shipbuilding industry, RIA Novosti reports. The government of the Yaroslavl region promised to support the company in promoting its products in the domestic and foreign markets, according to regional Governor Dmitry Mironov. 

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 15.07.21

Russian Scientists Managed to Double Fracture Healing Rate

Scientists from the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) were able to double the rate of recovery of damaged bones using implants created on a 3D printer, RIA Novosti reports. According to the authors of the research, their technology for applying bioactive coatings to the surface of implants is also distinguished by a noticeable saving of time

Insight | Technology | Around Russia  | 13.07.21

Russian Students Can Receive Digital Diplomas in 2022

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia intends to determine the conditions for issuing diplomas to university students in electronic format by 2022, TASS reports with reference to the ministry’s press service.  The ministry noted that the conditions for issuing documents on education and qualifications in digital form, the procedure for archiving documents

Recommended | Insight | Technology | Around Russia  | 08.07.21

Robot Guide Appeared in Udmurt Rural Library

A robot capable of conducting excursions and presentations, as well as photographing and recording videos has appeared in a rural library in Udmurtia, according to the head of the republic, Alexander Brechalov, on his official Twitter page.   ? Читателей библиотеки в селе Кильмезь будет встречать робот. В Сюмсинском районе продолжаются работы по созданию модельной библиотеки