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Interview: Russia Preparing Visa-Free Agreements With Several Countries – Yevgeny Ivanov

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Ivanov, in a special interview with TASS, named the countries with which Russia plans to conclude agreements on visa-free travel and explained how a foreigner can now get a Russian visa.   Against the background of artificially inflated Russophobic hysteria, which was launched immediately after the start of

Insight | Around Russia  | 13.03.21

Russian Experts Suggested Using Quests When Hiring New Staff

Russian employees of human resources departments offer to use quests as a test of applicants for vacant positions, RadioSputnik reports with reference to the general director of the international network of interactive entertainment “Claustrophobia” Vladimir Zhiganov.  According to Zhiganov, professional recruiters make a request for psychotyping of employees in order to understand who works in

Recommended | Celebrities | Fun  | 04.03.21

Finnish Actor Learns Lightness From Russians

The most famous Finnish actor in Russia, Ville Haapasalo, spoke about Russia and the distinctive features of the Russian national character, FAN reports. Ville has been in business for a long time, opening eight companies over the past few years. He also takes part in international projects that were supposed to start this year but

Insight | Novosibirsk  | 29.01.21

Russian Women Spend Nights at Weather Station

One of the oldest weather stations in the Novosibirsk region is located in Tatarsk. The team consists of five women. Inside, the meteorological station is also not much different from a residential building, VN.ru reports. It has two rooms with a sofa, an armchair, a refrigerator, desks, and a computer, on the monitor of which

Fun | Movies  | 22.10.20

People With Schizophrenia Told About Their Life

A documentary film was released on the socially oriented YouTube channel ‘Secrets’, which is aimed at highlighting different points of view about the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Both people with this diagnosis and professionals who work with such patients took part in the creation of the video.  “We want people to get rid of prejudices and

Celebrities | Fun  | 02.07.20

Russian Singer Told About Best Fans Presents

Russian singer, Nyusha, spoke about the most memorable presents from her fans, the PeopleTalk YouTube-Channel reports. She said that she has always been especially touched by the books presented by her fans. “Not so long ago, they gave me a thick magazine. It was very touching, because there the information was collected, a photo for

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Moscow Cosmonautics Museum Launched Space History Project

The Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics launches a series of video interviews with cosmonauts, scientists, testers, and designers.  According to the deputy mayor of Moscow, Natalia Sergunina, the project was called “Space, My Love”. Conversations will be published once every two weeks. The main characters are those who made a great personal contribution to the development