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Russian Military Told About Tortures in Ukrainian Captivity

The Russian military, who returned from Ukrainian captivity as a result of the prisoner exchange, told about numerous facts of torture, the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reported.  One of the servicemen said that during a 15-hour battle he ran out of ammunition and was captured. They blindfolded him and

Russia to Constantly Raise US Military Biological Activities Issue Till UN Wakes Up

The Russian Defence Ministry continues to study documents received from employees of Ukrainian laboratories about the US secret military biological activities.  As a result of the special military operation, research in a number of Ukrainian bio-laboratories, where work with strains of particularly dangerous pathogens was being carried out on behalf of the Pentagon, has been

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Russian Children Evacuated From Schools Second Week in Row Due to False ‘Mining’ Reports

On January 13, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to conduct inspections in more than five regions of the country in connection with false reports of “mining” schools. This order follows the active start of such reports since January 12 and its non-stop continuation till the present day. 

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Rostov Woman Seeks Investigation into Virtual Things Theft

Rostov woman Anna is trying to get a criminal case on theft in virtual space. Hackers stole from her Dota 2 game things worth over 30 thousand rubles.  The security forces are not in a hurry to look for cybercriminals. Anna told about her story in social networks. On the night of February 22-23, her