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Amazing Winter in Karelia

Karelia is known as “the country of lakes”. One-quarter of Karelia’s surface is covered by water. About this wonderful place, RIA News experts decided to tell its readers.   According to the information provided by RIA News, Onega and Ladoga Lakes are good at any time of the year. There, you can try snowkiting or fishing.

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Omsk Residents Offered Special Vacation on Regional Lakes

An environmental project in which citizens can take part as volunteers is called “Operation E: Ecotropes – Eco-Volunteers – Environmental Education”, the Presidential Grants Fund website reported. According to the estimates of the organizers, about 10,000 people will be involved.  For enjoying the lakes Lenevo and Ebeyty, volunteers will have to participate in the improvement

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Recreation Centres on Lake Baikal Invite Tourists in July

Recreation facilities on Lake Baikal will open for tourists from other regions from July 1, mir24.tv reported. Currently, only residents of Buryatia and the Irkutsk region can come on vacation to the lake. Guesthouses and hotels have begun to work in strict conditions, subject to certain requirements of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer

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Kazan Lake Embankment Got New Decoration [Video]

In the updated section of the Kaban Lake (“Boar Lake”) embankment, appeared a rental point for boats and catamarans, an observation deck, a house for swans, a cafe, and a toilet. As an additional decoration served the hatch covers and urns with the official logo of the location.   There are also added stands for

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Mute Swans Flew to Moscow Lake First Time in Century

For the first time since the last century, mute swans flew to Krugloye Lake in the Dmitrovsky district of Moscow, the Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management of the Moscow Region reports. It is noted that birds were noticed by environmental inspectors who monitor the situation by the natural monument Nerskoye, Krugloye, Dolgoye, and their

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Artists From All Over Russia Present Works on Lake Raifa

On January 8, 2020, the Raifa ART Festival will be held as part of the art program “Touching Cultures”. Artists from different fields will gather there for cooperation in the field of fine art.   The main task of the festival’s art laboratory is to study the area of ​​contact of different cultures, Christian and Islamic

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Billions of Bubbles Impressed Ural Residents

The Southern Urals continues to amaze its citizens with the beauty of the open spaces. Beautiful frozen air bubbles appeared in the ice of Lake Turgoyak.  This winter, real ice mushrooms blossomed in the reservoir, which is called “the brother of Lake Baikal”. It turned out that the reason for the phenomenon is the so-called “gas

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Republic of Karelia: Amazing Land of Lakes in North-West of Russia

Lakes occupy about a third of republic’s area, and almost half of it occupy mighty forests. The authentic architecture and traditions of Karelia add more charm to the region. Usually, tourists arrive in the main city of the republic – Petrozavodsk, and then drive to the corners of interest. Sortavala is another important city of

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Festival “Baikal – The Magic of Water” 2019

From November 9 to December 5, the Moskvarium will host the festival “Baikal – The Magic of Water”. Everyone can take part in free workshops and see the endless landscapes of Lake Baikal.  Every day, a photo exhibition by the Novoe Vremya production centre will be working at Moskvarium. It presents photographs of the surroundings