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Russian-Language TV Channel Deprived of Broadcasting License in Latvia

The National Electronic Media Council (NEPLP) of Latvia has cancelled the license to broadcast the Russian-language “First Baltic Channel”. According to the statement given by the Council, the decision was made because during the year three significant violations of the law on electronic media were revealed in the activities of the channel.   As specified, firstly,

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Strict but Polite: ‘Miss Ukraine’ Responded to Fans’ Criticism of Russian Language

The winner of the Ukrainian ‘Miss Ukraine Universe 2021’ contest, Anna Neplyah, reacted to criticism after lots of people started to blame her for presenting Ukraine but speaking in her personal blog in Russian.  A young woman from the Ukrainian city of Dnepr (former Dnepropetrovsk) won the title of ‘Miss Ukraine Universe 2021’ on October

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Rostov Residents Performed Victory Song in Sign Language [Video]

Operators-dactylologists of the “Service-112” of the Rostov region sang the song “Victory Day” in sign language congratulating the children of the war who are members of the regional society of the deaf on the anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, TASS reports.   On May 9, 2021, operators-dactylologists of the regional “Service-112” first

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Beyoncé Surprised Fans With New Necklace

American singer Beyoncé puzzled fans with a new necklace on her neck consisting of different parts one of which was a word in Russian. The photo appeared on her Instagram-Page, RadioSputnik reports.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) The close-up photo clearly shows the decoration, on which the

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Restored Gospel of X-XI Centuries Presented in Moscow

The Mariinsky Gospel of the X-XI centuries restored by Russian specialists which was found in the Russian skete of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos on Mount Athos in the 19th century, was handed over to the curators of the manuscript department of the Russian State Library (RSL), TASS reports. The handover ceremony took

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First ABC-Book for Yukaghir People to Be Published in 2021

The primer of the language of the forest Yukagirs will be published for the first time in 2021 with the support of the authorities of Yakutia, TASS reports with reference to the director of the Federal Institute of Native Languages ​​of the Peoples of the Russian Federation, Professor Larisa Marsheva. Marsheva clarified that this language

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Portal for Learning Languages to Be Launched in Yakutia 2021

In 2021, the Federal Institute of the Native Languages ​​of the Peoples of the Russian Federation will develop an educational portal for studying the languages ​​of the indigenous peoples of the North, TASS reports with reference to the Head of the Centre for Nomadic Education Natalya Sitnikova.  According to Sitnikova, more than half of the

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International Russian Language Festival to Be Held in Moscow

Foreign schoolchildren, starting from the seventh grade, who study Russian as a foreign language or as a second native language, were invited to participate in the annual International Festival of the Russian Language.  It is noted that over the past year, the number of festival participants has doubled, according to the official website of the

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Russians Named Main Factors Uniting People

Experts from the Romir research holding conducted a survey among the inhabitants of Russia and found out what, in their opinion, unites the Russian people.  According to the results of the survey, 26 per cent of respondents consider the common history of the country to be the main unifying factor of the people. It is

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Soviet Cartoon to Be Translated Into Chechen Language

The popular Soviet animated series “Well, Just You Wait!” will be dubbed into the Chechen language in 2021, TASS reports with reference to the Head of the State Administration for the Cinematography of Chechnya Zaurbek Zaurbekov.  It is noted that the Chechen language is listed in the ‘UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger’.

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Experts Studied Russians’ Attitude to Obscene Language

The experts of the Russian Public Opinion Foundation conducted a study to find out how Russians treat people using obscene language. According to the results of the study, 43% of Russians often hear obscene language in public places, while 51% hear such words rarely.  Sometimes three-quarters of Russians experience a feeling of awkwardness or discontent