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Events | Visit  | 06.02.21

Moscow Victory Museum Held Lesson in Courage for Whole Russia

The Moscow Victory Museum held an All-Russian lesson in courage on February 5, 2021. It was dedicated to the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp by Soviet troops.  It is noted that the hero of the virtual lesson of courage was the chairman of the Moscow regional public organization of former

Events | Visit  | 23.11.20

Muscovites Invited to Walrus Day Online Celebration

On November 24, Moskvarium specialists at VDNKh will hold an informative lecture on walruses, and the coaches will show the audience new creative acts with the Laura walrus, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  It is noted that this year, a virtual holiday is being held in Moscow for the first time. Live

Events | Visit  | 03.11.20

Free Lectures on Astronomy to Be Held in Moscow Online

Online broadcasts of lectures will be held on the official website of the Moscow Planetarium and its YouTube-Channel, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. In each issue, specialists will show a presentation, and after lectures, all the participants will have a chance to ask questions to famous astronomers and scientists.   The first

Events | Fun  | 21.08.20

Over 1,200 Masterclasses for Children to Be Held in Moscow on City Day

More than 40 sites will be presented to visitors of Moscow as part of the celebration of the city day on September 5 and September 6. Festive masterclasses will be held from 10 am to 10 pm by the organizing committee of the cycle of city street events ‘Moscow Seasons’.   It is noted that masterclasses

Events | Fun  | 24.05.20

Russians to Learn More About Beekeeping Online

Russians are invited to attend a course of distance educational lectures on urban beekeeping, the city news agency ‘Moscow‘ reports. A lecturer is a member of the Association of Natural Beekeeping, an ambassador for wood beekeeping in Moscow and Russia Andrey Kozharsky. To listen to the lectures, you must first register. Then in the period

Events | Visit  | 12.05.20

Moscow Cinema Network Holds Free Lectures Online

A network of Russian cinemas ‘MosKino’ holds the cycle of lectures “Architecture in Cinema” online. As part of the broadcasts, users will learn how architecture shows a certain atmosphere in films and what role it plays in foreign and Russian cinema of the XX-XXI centuries. Online lectures will be held on the official Facebook-Page of

Events | Fun  | 03.05.20

Metropolitan Parks Offer Online Entertainments for City Residents

In early May Muscovites will be able to get acquainted with the basics of vocals, learn the dance of city streets, and take part in other online entertainment programmes, which were prepared by the parks of the Moscow City Department of Culture, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. Online programmes will start on

Recommended | Events | Visit  | 28.03.20

Weekends in Moscow: Interesting Events for Non-Working Week

In Russia, the next week is declared a day off. Currently, Russians can see a theatre performance or visit a museum online. The Bolshoi Theatre will show spectators Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and other performances.  On the official website of the Museum of Moscow, you can find free exhibitions and tours. On the virtual platform,

Events | Visit  | 05.03.20

Lectures on Art Deco Style to Be Held in Moscow

A series of lectures on the Art Deco style in architecture and design will be held at the A.V. Shchusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  Guests will be told about the features of promoting Art Deco in different countries. In Russia, the style found its direction

Events | Visit  | 02.03.20

Female Cosmonaut Helps Muscovites Learn More About Space

The female cosmonaut, Elena Kondakova, will hold the event under the Space Lessons project, which will take place on March 4. It will be dedicated to the first holiday of spring, International Women’s Day, the official website of Moscow Mayor reports.  At the meeting, Hero of Russia, Elena Kondakova, who flew twice to Earth’s orbit,

Moscow | Insight  | 21.02.20

Free Lectures for Pet Owners to Be Held in Moscow

In Moscow, a cycle of free lectures will be held for pet owners. Specialists of the Moscow Veterinary Committee will tell participants how to care for their pets and feed them in the capital city.  All lectures were divided into three thematic blocks. The first is devoted to animal diseases, the second to caring for

Events | Visit  | 19.02.20

Rostelecom Director Gave Digital Leadership Lesson in Rostov

Director of the Rostov branch of Rostelecom, Sergey Mordasov, gave a lecture on digital leadership to students of the Quantorium children’s technology park, reports 1rnd.  The company’s top manager told how to succeed in the modern world. Participants discussed the prospects of the digital economy for future specialists. The meeting was attended by schoolchildren of

Events | Visit  | 18.02.20

Rostov Educational Project Helps to Promote Science

A new educational project “Yasno. Ponyatno” (“Clear. Understandable”) started its work in Rostov. Now, twice a month, everyone can learn more about science. To participate, you should register on the project website.  The main goal of the project is to create an educational space where, in a simple language, the leading popularizers of science will