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Business | Technology  | 24.12.21

Russians Creating Service With Unified Data on Scientists and Technologies

A single digital service containing information about individual Russian scientists and research teams, as well as technologies available in the Russian Federation, will be created in 2022, according to the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.   It is noted that now in Russia such data “are in disparate services and information systems.” According to the

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 08.12.21

Experts Made Up List of Russians’ Most Popular Google Searches in 2021

Google has compiled a selection of the most popular search queries of Russian users in 2021 for the “Year in Search” project. The selection includes the fastest-growing (related to the previous year) requests from January to December.   Events: European Football Championship; Tokyo Olympics; Eurovision; Ice Hockey World Championship; Father’s Day establishment; Conflict in Afghanistan; Shooting

US Didn’t Invite Russia and China to ‘Summit for Democracy’

The US invited 110 countries and territories to the upcoming “Summit for Democracy” in December this year, but did not include countries such as Russia and China, which follows from the list published on the official website of the US State Department.  At the same time, Taiwan is among the invited countries, which, according to

Insight | Around Russia  | 24.02.21

Russians’ Early Retirement to Be Simplified

Russian Ministry of Labour proposed to amend the lists of jobs, professions, industries, positions and specialities, taking into account which an old-age insurance pension will be assigned ahead of schedule, RG reports. It is proposed to include in such lists the periods of vocational training and additional vocational education of employees in which an employee

Insight | Around Russia  | 19.02.21

Real Estate Experts Named Russian Regions With Best Housing Commissioning

Employees of the ‘Top-RF.ru‘ business information agency, based on data from the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat), have compiled a rating of Russian regions in terms of housing commissioning per capita.   According to the results of the study, at the end of 2020, 2,375.9 thousand square metres of the total area of ​​residential real estate were

Insight | Around Russia  | 19.02.21

Experts Named Vacancies in Manufacturing With Highest Salaries

Russian experts from the ‘Rabota.ru’ job search service named the vacancies in the field of production, which are the most attractive for job seekers in terms of income, RT reports.   It turned out that employers offer one of the highest salaries to the technologists of the development department (up to 250 thousand rubles a month).

Insight | Kazan  | 04.02.21

Kazan Flat Got Into Top List of Most Expensive in Russia

A one-room flat in the “Barcelona” Kazan residential complex was included in the top 10 most expensive one-room flats in Russia, according to a study conducted by specialists from the CIAN company which collects a database of ads for rent and sale of real estate, KazanFirst reports.   The authors of the rating specified that Kazan

Recommended | Insight | Rostov  | 12.10.20

Rostov Entered Top Russian Cities With Skyscrapers

Rostov-on-Don was the third in Russia and 116th in the world in terms of the number of multi-storey buildings, according to the analysts of the SkyscraperPage portal.  The first two positions in the country were taken by Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Moscow, experts recorded 550 high-rise buildings, in St. Petersburg, 261 high-rise buildings, and

Economics | Business  | 03.08.20

State-Funded Drugs Amount for Beneficiaries Increased in Russia

The amount of state-funded drugs for privileged categories of citizens was increased to 886.4 rubles per month, according to the decree of the Russian government. Now, beneficiaries have the right to free medicines, medical devices, and medical food paid for from the state treasury.  It is noted that the cost of implementing this measure will

Recommended | Places to Visit | Visit  | 23.07.20

Take a Break: Moscow Shows Its Most Unusual Benches

In Moscow, under the ‘My District’ programme, hundreds of parks, squares, and public areas are landscaped every year, where thousands of new benches are installed, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.   On such benches, you can take a break and lie down thinking about something of your own on wooden sun loungers. They

Events | Visit  | 07.06.20

Experts Told About New Habits of Russian Travellers

Tourists interviewed by the online service Tutu.ru told about new habits that they had during the pandemic. The company’s specialists conducted a study on social networks among 1,850 users and found that 18 per cent of them learned to stay away from strangers in public places, RIA News reports.   It is stated that 14 per

Recommended | Insight | Novosibirsk  | 04.06.20

Russian TV Channel Launched Flash Mob in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk residents launched a flash mob on Instagram social network and started to post photos with their wishes. The action was created by TNT TV Channel and was dedicated to the new drama-comedy series “257 Reasons to Live”.  View this post on Instagram СОБИРАЮСЬ РИСКНУТЬ ВСЕМ! ⠀ Я тут на днях делился вами желанием и