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Insight | Around Russia  | 10.01.23

Russian Government Supported Bill on Recognition Maps Challenging Country’s Borders as Extremism

The Government of the Russian Federation has supported, taking into account the revision, the bill that refers to extremist materials publicly distributed maps challenging the territorial integrity of the country.   As noted in the Cabinet of Ministers, “cartographic and other similar materials, as a rule, perform an exclusively informative function.” At the same time, their

Recommended | Culture | Visit  | 08.05.21

Roskomnadzor Demanded From Google Remove Restrictions From ‘Heroes’ Street’

Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, Roskomnadzor (RKN), has sent a letter to the management of Google LLC demanding to remove the restriction on access to the “Heroes’ Street” application, owned by the State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company ‘Saratov’.   According to the RKN, the application which contains information about

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 29.03.21

Russian Experts Compiled List of Cities With Dog Friendly Restaurants

The experts of the 2GIS Russian digital maps company published the information about restaurants and cafes available for clients with dogs. Today, the service directory includes information about more than 1,600 such establishments in Russia. “Users often contacted 2GIS with a request to mark the establishments where they are glad to see visitors with dogs.

Moscow | Visit | Trip Advisory  | 12.02.21

Moscow Experts Created City Parking Map

A map of the city’s parking lots has appeared in the Moscow Transport mobile application both in Google Play Market and App Store, according to the official Telegram-channel of the city department of transport.  It is noted that drivers can now figure out where to park in advance. Using the map, they can find the

Culture | Events | Visit  | 25.01.21

Unique City Maps Exhibition Opened in Moscow

Residents of Moscow will be able to learn how the city developed from the time of Ancient Rus to the XX century thanks to the virtual exhibition “Cartography of Moscow“, according to the official website of the city mayor.   According to the Head of the Moscow Department of Urban Planning Policy, Sergey Lyovkin, specialists have

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Yekaterinburg Programmers Developed Moscow Metro Map

Yekaterinburg programmers won an international hackathon for the development of an interactive map module for the Moscow metro, e1 reports. For this, they received an award of 1,000,000 rubles from the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.   For 48 hours, Yekaterinburg residents from the YetiCrab team proposed solutions to the problem for the Moscow Transport

Recommended  | 31.08.20

Interactive Map Shows Kazan Buildings’ Age Online

An interactive online map with the age of all buildings in the city has appeared in Kazan on the basis of data from the Russian Registry Service (Rosreestr). There was marked the age of 37,000 buildings, for some of which was even mentioned the information about their architects, styles, photographs, and much more, the official

Insight | Omsk  | 28.08.20

Omsk Residents Showed Mushroom Harvest After Dry Summer

The mushroom season has finally begun in the Omsk region. Internet users are actively sharing the best places for the hunt, which allowed regional website to create a map with the best places.    Omsk residents noted that mushrooms “grow in bouquets”, but there are a lot of people who want to find them, so

Moscow | Insight  | 28.05.20

Muscovites Can Use Interactive Map for Walks Around City

An interactive map with a schedule of walks by time and days of the week appeared on the Moscow Mayor website.  Moscow residents are able to indicate the address of their place of residence and see which of the 6 groups his house belongs to. Groups will be indicated by color and number. When a

Insight | Omsk  | 28.05.20

Omsk Residents Study New City General Plan to Make Suggestions

Omsk residents were presented with the city master plan. It includes 7 thematic maps and provisions on territorial planning, om1 reports.  The detailed plan of Omsk can be found on the city administration website, and the expositions can be studied with the observance of social distance measures. The form for sending suggestions and comments online was