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Business | Industry  | 09.10.20

Arms Production Showed Growth in Nizhny Novgorod

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, an increase in the production of weapons and ammunition was recorded, NewsNN reports with reference to the regional Ministry of Industry. In total, more than 70 enterprises create such products in the region. For the current year, the volume of shipped products amounted to 48.7 billion rubles.  It is noted

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 09.07.20

Temperature Measuring Metal Detectors to Appear in Russia

Metal detectors capable of measuring body temperature will appear in Russia soon, Rostec reported. The developer of the device will be the Avtomatika concern in cooperation with Shvabe. It is noted that the multifunctional system is designed to increase the safety of educational institutions, healthcare, and cultural institutions, various organizations and departments, as well as

Events | Fun | Music  | 11.12.19

Most Interesting Music Concerts of the Week

This week, metal band Korpiklaani and Trollfest will demonstrate the diversity of the heavy northern folk in the capital of Russia.   On December 12, in Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, one of the brightest stars of the current Russian Winter festival is Nikolai Znaider. He will give two concerts in Moscow. In the first one, he will

Recommended | Business | Industry  | 24.11.19

South Ural Metallurgies Conquered Awards of International Exhibition

New business partners and millionth contracts – in Moscow there is held the exhibition for industrialists “Metal-Expo”.  Huge nuts, polished to a shine, and excavators made of high-strength steel, capable of working in any conditions – Metal-Expo has a truly cosmic scope. Companies from 34 countries share their developments. The hall does not accommodate everyone,