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Insight | Omsk  | 14.04.21

Omsk Artist Created Tiny Monument to Russian Space Conquerors

The famous Omsk artist-microminiaturist, Anatoly Konenko, created a monument to the conquerors of space on a pencil lead, om1 reports. The work is dedicated to Cosmonautics Day which was celebrated on April 12.  Anatoly created a copy of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, the original of which is in Moscow. The artist made

Insight | Around Russia  | 27.03.20

New Micro-District to Appear in Zelenograd

In place of the territory of the Center for Informatics and Electronics (CIE) in Zelenograd, it is planned to create a new micro-district. This was reported by the press service of the Moscow Committee for the implementation of investment projects in construction (Moskomstroyinvest).  The project for the planning of the territory with an area of