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Fun | Sports  | 08.10.20

Rhythmic Gymnastics Hall Opened in Chelyabinsk

A modern hall of the Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics “Olympic” was opened in Chelyabinsk, chelTV reports. This hall has become the sixth and largest branch of the Academy in Chelyabinsk and is a gift to the pupils for the 5th anniversary of the institution.   It is noted that there are two directions in the gymnastics

Moscow | Insight  | 15.07.20

Over 400 New Buses to Appear in Moscow in 2020

Until the end of 2020, 400 new large-capacity buses will enter the routes of Moscow. They will work in the east, south, and southwest of the city, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.   It is noted that the city government is constantly updating transport so that residents feel comfortable. Recently, they have already

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Gastrobar #TOLSTOЙ in Chelyabinsk

Gastrobar in the centre of Chelyabinsk on the pedestrian street Kirovka has a unique interior. There is an intersection of the history of the late 19th century and the present, with a non-standard approach to design.   Gastronomic bar TolstoЙ (“Tolstoy”) has modern, tasty and healthy cuisine, combining the latest culinary trends. Search for unexpected combinations

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Environment-Friendly House: New Way to Save on Utility Bills

Residential complex “Komsomolskaya, 67” received a gold certificate of Green Zoom standard after an independent examination.  High-class and energy-efficient household appliances consume a minimum of electricity without compromising functionality. Naturally, this has a positive effect on utility bills. The development company Pervostroitel was one of the first to decide on a set of engineering solutions