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Insight | Around Russia  | 05.11.21

Russians Named Desired Amount of Expenses During Lockdown

Lockdown in most regions of Russia started on October 28 and is about to be over on November 7. The job search service SuperJob conducted a survey of Russians and found out that in order to comfortably survive the closure period, the average Russian needs 45 thousand rubles a week.  According to average estimates, for

Russia Blamed EU and US for Keep Freezing Afghan Assets

Moscow blames Europe and the US to keep Kabul’s financial assets frozen, as became clear from the statement of the Russian Special Presidential Representative for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov.  “We are talking about the country’s assets, not those of the Taliban movement that is currently in power […] As far as we know, over $8 billion

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Bank of Russia Issued Coins With Cartoon Characters [Video]

The Bank of Russia has issued commemorative coins “Masha and the Bear” of the series “Russian (Soviet) animation”, according to the bank’s official website. In particular, a silver coin with a face value of 3 rubles and a coin made of base metals with a face value of 25 rubles were issued.  As specified, the

Economics | Business  | 08.09.21

International Reserves of Russia Updated Historical Maximum

The international reserves of the Russian Federation from August 20 to 27 increased by 3.4 per cent and amounted to $615.6 billion, updating the historical maximum, PRIME reports with reference to the materials of the country’s Central Bank.   It is specified that the previous record was set by the Central Bank on May 28, when

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Russian Teenagers Named Top Expense Items

Specialists of the NAFI Analytical Centre conducted a study and found out the level of financial literacy of adolescents in Russia. It turned out that despite the fact that most of the financial decisions for schoolchildren of 14-17 years old are made by their parents, 82 per cent of adolescents have personal funds. In addition,

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Russians’ Free Money Amount Keeps Growing

In May 2021, the amount of “free money” in Russian families increased by 6 per cent compared to the previous month, according to the Romir research holding. According to the experts, this indicator demonstrates the dynamics of the ability of households to consume goods and services in excess of the necessary needs.   It is specified

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Russians Told How Much Pocket Money They Give Children

Three-quarters of Russians support the idea of ​​allocating a certain budget for pocket money for their children, RIA Novosti reports, referring to a study conducted by Rosgosstrakh Bank. Most parents consider the optimal amount of pocket money for children to be up to 250 rubles a week.  Experts clarify that about 74 per cent of

Insight | Around Russia  | 11.06.21

Russians Told How Much Money They Need for Financial Independence

Most Russians believe that in order to achieve financial independence, they should earn at least 74.9 thousand rubles a month, RBC reports with reference to a study by Sberbank Life Insurance.  The specialists have found out that residents of the country consider financially independent people to be those who are fully self-sufficient (64 per cent),

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Russians Increased Tips to Couriers by Third

Most often, Russians leave tips to employees of bars and restaurants, taxi drivers, and couriers. The biggest tip is usually left to hotel staff, although this is rarely the case, according to SuperJob job search service.   The results of the survey showed that most often Russians leave tips in bars and restaurants (30 per cent