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Economics | Business  | 27.01.21

Sberbank Increased Mortgages Number by 55% in Rostov Region

In 2020, the number of mortgages issued by Sberbank in the Rostov Region increased by 55 per cent compared to the previous year. During the indicated period of time, 20 thousand housing loans were issued for a total of 36 billion rubles. The average size of a mortgage loan was 1.8 million rubles, 1rnd reports.  

Economics | Business  | 21.01.21

VTB Issued Over 5 Billion Rubles on State Support Mortgage

The Russian VTB bank provided residents of the Rostov region with 3 thousand soft loans under the “Mortgage With State Support 2020” programme, in the amount of 5.7 billion rubles. In the country as a whole, VTB’s clients have issued over 64,000 concessional loans under the state programme for more than 200 billion rubles, which

Economics | Business  | 24.12.20

VTB Bank to Issue 50,000 Mortgage Loans to Russian Families

Russian VTB Bank is going to intensify efforts to increase the availability of mortgages for the population as part of a long-term programme for the development of its retail business. In this regard, by 2023 the bank plans to increase the issuance of mortgages as part of state support for families with children to 50,000

Economics | Business  | 19.11.20

Tatarstan Families Started Refinance Social Mortgage

Since June 2020, Tatarstan residents can get a renovated flat at a price almost two times lower than the market price, and then carry out refinancing under bank conditions, Respublika Tatarstan reports with reference to the press service of the State Housing Fund of Tatarstan.  It is specified that to refinance a social loan, you

Economics | Business  | 01.11.20

Raiffeisenbank Named Average Loan Under Concessional Mortgage

The average loan amount under the state programme of preferential mortgages at a rate of 6.5 per cent is 4 million rubles, TASS reports. According to the Raiffeisenbank’s data, flats in new buildings at a reduced rate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Krasnodar are in the greatest demand.  As part of the government subsidy programme,

Recommended | Economics | Business  | 20.10.20

Mortgages Issuance in Russia Breaks Records

Russian banks in September 2020 increased the issuance of mortgages by 16 per cent compared to August to almost 170 thousand loans, while in 9 months the number of mortgage loans received by Russians exceeded 1 million, according to a study of the United Credit Bureau (OKB), PRIME reports.  It is noted that the last

Economics | Business  | 01.10.20

Moscow Residents Became Leaders in Mortgage Average Size

The leaders in Russia in terms of the average size of mortgages are Muscovites. The average size of a loan in the city is 5.66 million rubles. The residents of the Moscow region (4.04 million) and St. Petersburg (3.45 million) are also included in the top three in this rating, om1 reports.   According to the

Trading | Business | Novosibirsk  | 26.09.20

Experts Told Who Buy Elite Flats in Novosibirsk

Russian realtors have studied the picture of demand for luxury flats among residents of Novosibirsk. They found out that most of the expensive housing is acquired by married men through a mortgage agreement, and the average payment on loans for housing over 9 million rubles exceeds 110,000 rubles, VN.ru reports.   It is specified that the

Economics | Business  | 14.09.20

Mortgages Issuance in August Set New Record

The volume of mortgage issuance in Russia in August 2020 increased by 59 per cent compared to August 2019 (up to 375 billion rubles), setting a new record in the entire history of the market, PRIME reported with reference to the press service of the Dom.RF housing development company.    In general, for eight months

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Russian Woman Paid Off Mortgage in 5 Days

A resident of the Nizhny Novgorod region paid off the mortgage in record time. Bank employees approved her a loan for 13 years but she managed to pay it back within 5 days.  According to the local portal, the Nizhny Novgorod resident was going to sell her flat and buy new housing. However, the buyer