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Insight | Around Russia  | 22.12.21

Russia Introduced Law Prohibiting Calling Governors as ‘Presidents’

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed the law on the organization of power in Russian regions, which sets a single term length for all region heads and prohibits these positions from being occupied for more than two consecutive terms. The document has been published on the official legal information website yesterday, on December 21, 2021.  The

Moscow | Insight  | 17.08.21

Moscow Officials Named Most Unusual Newborns’ Names

Muscovites in 2021 gave their sons names associated with mythology and geographical names (for example, Zeus, Theseus, Yenisei, or Baikal), the press service of the city’s registry offices told RIA Novosti.  “In 2021, boys in Moscow were given such unusual names on space and mythological themes as Cosmos, Zeus, Achilles, Theseus, Helios, Hermes. Parents sometimes

Recommended | Events | Fun  | 07.04.21

Russians Celebrate Runet’s Birthday

On April 7, 1994, the first website registered with the .RU domain name appeared in the world. This date is considered the date of birth of a huge segment of the World Wide Web, Runet. From that moment on, Russia officially became a part of the World Virtual Community.  However, it can be said that

Insight | Yekaterinburg  | 04.03.21

Experts Found Out What Names Uralians Give Children

The most popular names that the residents of the Sverdlovsk region gave to their children in 2020 were Alexander, Anastasia, Artem, and Sofia, e1.ru reported with reference to the Deputy Head of the regional registry office Natalya Khramova.   It is noted that the top names for boys last year also included Mikhail, Dmitry, Maksim, Ivan,

Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 03.03.21

King and Queen: Chelyabinsk Residents Give Children Unusual Names

The Chelyabinsk regional experts of the State Committee for Civil Registry Office reported that in January 2021, almost 5,000 babies were born (2,537 boys and 2,362 girls) in the region. Moreover, 65 pairs of them were twins, chelTV reports.  It is stated that over the past two months, in the region were born babies who

Culture | Insight | Novosibirsk  | 29.01.21

Experts Listed Most Popular Names of Siberians’ Ancestors

It is believed that the Russian people settled on the banks of the Ob River, on the site of the future Novosibirsk, in the era of Peter the Great. It is known that the Cossack Fyodor Krenitsyn founded the first Russian village there in 1710 and became famous for his agricultural achievements, VN.ru reports.   It

Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 15.10.20

Top Popular Names in Chelyabinsk Region

The most popular names in the South Urals turned out to be Sofia and Artyom, chelTV reports. In general, the birth rate in the region has increased by 336, to 25,028 children. Statistics for the period from January to September 2020 were shared in the State Committee for Civil Registry Office of the Chelyabinsk Region. 

Recommended | Insight | Yekaterinburg  | 06.10.20

Yekaterinburg Resident Changed Patronymic to Matronymic

A resident of Yekaterinburg, Alla Chikinda, changed her patronymic to matronymic, RIA News reports. The girl changed her patronymic Vasilievna (derived from the father’s name Vasily) and became Irinovna (derived from the mother’s name Irina). She added that the registry office employees did not even ask her about the reasons, as “it became a usual

Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 01.10.20

Nizhny Novgorod Registry Office Counted Babies With Meaningful Names

The employees of the main registry office of the Nizhny Novgorod region calculated the number of girls born with the names Vera (“Belief”), Nadezhda (“Hope”), and Lyubov (“Love”) in 2020, according to the press service of the department. Yesterday, on September 30, all girls and women with these names and the name “Sofia” celebrated their

Moscow | Insight  | 23.09.20

Experts Named Most Popular Names for Moscow Newborns

In August 2020, Alexander (259) and Sofia (269) remained the most popular names among Moscow newborns, the city news agency ‘Moscow‘ reports with reference to the press service of the Moscow Social Development Complex.     The top 5 popular female names in Moscow in August also included Anna (212), Maria, Victoria, and Alisa. It is

Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 20.09.20

Experts Told What Names Nizhny Novgorod Residents Give to Children

The employees of the Main Directorate of the Civil Registry Office of the Nizhny Novgorod region told what names residents prefer to give to their children, NewsNN reports.   From January to August 2020, there were born many boys with the names Artyom (513), Alexander (479), Mikhail (465), and Maksim (412). As for the girls, most