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Recommended | Business | Technology  | 15.04.21

Newest Russian Drone Received Artificial Intelligence

The newest Russian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the aircraft type and non-aerodrome-based ZALA 421-16E5G, developed by ZALA Aero (part of the group of companies belonging to the ‘Rostec’ state corporation), received a software and hardware complex based on neural networks and artificial intelligence, TASS reports.  “We have made a system for complete decoding of

Business | Technology | Around Russia  | 30.03.21

High-Speed Internet to Be Provided to 100% Yamal Population

Internet access will appear throughout the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in 2021, TASS reports with reference to Alexander Sbitnev, the commercial director of the Yamal-Nenets branch of Rostelecom.   Sbitnev noted that the length of the networks installed in Yamal is hundreds of thousands of kilometres. At the moment, more than 93 per cent of Rostelecom’s subscribers

Business | Technology  | 01.02.21

Rostelecom Organized New Secure Payment Service

Rostelecom set up a virtual automatic telephone exchange (VPBX) for the YooMoney electronic payment service, which is part of the Sberbank ecosystem. The provider deployed a virtual private network (VPN), provided digital telephony (SIP trunk) based on VPBX and three telephone numbers, which allowed YooMoney to organize secure work of call centres.  It is noted

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 10.01.21

Chelyabinsk Scientists Taught Neural Network Detect Brain Tumour

The latest study by an international group of scientists will allow identifying dangerous brain tumours using a neural network, which will greatly simplify the work with MRI images and make more accurate diagnoses, chelTV reports.  A group of scientists consisting of five representatives from universities in India and scientists from South Ural State University have

Business | Technology  | 07.01.21

Over 200,000 Tatarstan Households to Be Connected to High-Speed Internet

By 2024, more than 200 thousand households in Tatarstan will be transferred from outdated ADSL networks to high-speed optical access networks, KazanFirst reports with reference to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media.   Also, as part of the “Information Infrastructure” national project, socially significant objects will also be

Business | Technology  | 18.11.20

New Neural Network Trained to Assess Customer Activity in Stores

A master’s student of the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University has developed an intelligent system that analyzes the movement of customers in stores. The programme can be used to determine popular products among various social groups, as well as assess the effectiveness of personnel, advertising, and promotions for goods, TASS reports.  It is expected that the

Business | Technology  | 29.10.20

Nizhny Novgorod Scientists Teach Neural Network Recognizing Emotions

Scientists from Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R. E. Alekseev created an application capable of recognizing emotions from a photo or video. The neural network can classify emotions from video fragments, both previously filmed and received from cameras in real-time.  It is noted that this development is relevant since the application can be

Business | Technology  | 30.08.20

Official Statistics: Almost 70% Russians Use Internet

About 100 million people use the Internet in Russia, which is 68.9 per cent of the total population of the country, according to the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia, Aleksey Volin, RIA News reports.   “Today we see that of the 145 million inhabitants and citizens of the Russian

Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 12.08.20

City Bike Rental to Be Opened in Nizhny Novgorod

The city bike rental network Velobike, already operating in Moscow and Murmansk, will be opened in Nizhny Novgorod on 18 August.  In total, Nizhny Novgorod residents will have access to 200 anti-vandal bicycles, which will be located at 20 stations. It is noted that they are mainly located in the historical centre of the city,

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Leader of ‘Hands Up’ Music Band Opens Bar in Novosibirsk

The leader of the famous music group Hands Up!, Sergey Zhukov, promised to open a bar in Novosibirsk in a month. Before that, Sergey concreted objects on the floor that symbolized the heyday of the group, that is audio and video cassettes and a game console, thus creating the so-called “time capsule”.  “I follow everything

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 04.01.20

Moscow Students Created Neural Network to Identify Dangerous Birthmarks

Students of the Moscow Medical University and Bauman Technical University developed a neural network and bot in Telegram, which allows analyzing birthmark images for signs of melanoma.  The news was announced by the director of the Center for Personalized Oncology, Marina Sekacheva. “The neural network is able to automatically analyze birthmark images and determine whether

Business | Technology  | 25.12.19

MTS Company Strengthened Omsk Network during New Year Holidays

Based on the analysis of mobile traffic, Russian telecom company MTS determined where Omsk people spend New Year holidays more often and strengthened the network in such places. According to MTS, most of the mobile traffic was pumped last winter by residents of the Levoberezhny and Neftyanikov. In this area, the company installed additional LTE