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Recommended | Insight | St. Petersburg  | 05.02.21

Satellite City to Be Built Near St. Petersburg

On the border of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, it is planned to build a satellite city for 300 thousand inhabitants, the CIAN real estate ads database reports with reference to Sberbank. The bank will allocate a series of loans for the implementation of the large-scale urban project called “Novosaratovka”.   It is planned that

Recommended | Insight | St. Petersburg  | 26.11.19

Two Bridges to be Opened at Night in St. Petersburg

The press service of St. Petersburg State Budget Institution reported that Neva navigation is coming to an end. On the night of November 26, the Troitsky and Birzhevoy bridges will be opened in St. Petersburg. Troitsky bridge will be opened from 01:25 to 04:50, Birzhevoy – from 02.00 to 04.55. Other crossings will remain flat. “The