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Greece to Give US Iranian Oil From Russian Tanker

Greece will transfer oil to the US from the Russian tanker Lana (Pegas), which was detained in mid-April this year, as TASS reported on May 26 with reference to the press service of the Ministry of the Navy and Island Policy of Greece.   Earlier, on April 19, it became known about the detention of the

Three EU Countries to Be Exempted From Embargo on Russian Oil

The EU proposes to give Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic the opportunity to keep importing Russian oil until 2024, as Bloomberg reports. According to the source of Bloomberg, they want to give these countries time to abandon Russian oil until December 31, 2024.  It is noted that Brussels proposes to introduce the exception for

Hungary Agreed to Pay for Russian Gas and Oil in Rubles

Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, confirmed to CNN that his country will use the payment scheme introduced by Russia for Russian oil and gas.  “85 per cent of our gas and 65 per cent of our oil come from Russia. Why? Because it is determined by the infrastructure. This is not for entertainment, we did

Germany not Ready to Sharply Reject Russian Oil

Germany’s position on the supply of Russian oil has not changed – Berlin will not be able to abandon it immediately. This was stated on Monday, March 21, by the representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers Steffen Hebestreit, answering a question about whether the EU can impose an embargo on Russian oil.  “The government,

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Russian Oil Exports to India Quadrupled in March 2022

Russian oil exports to India increased fourfold in March this year, which indicates a redistribution of global energy flows after the situation around Ukraine, as the Financial Times reported.   According to the publication, India, which is the third largest country in the world in terms of energy consumption, bought several shipments of Russian oil, as

Europe Needs Sunflower Oil Just as Much as Turkey Does

Turkish consumers fight and stampede in local supermarkets to buy sunflower for oil due to sudden shortages. This might seem ridiculous: Turkey is a candidate for EU membership, and in some respects it fits the bill perfectly. However, it is also true that the social fabric and disposition in the country is largely Middle Eastern

US Court Dismissed Ex-Yukos Shareholders’ Lawsuit Against Russia

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia decided to reject the claim of the ex-shareholders of the Yukos oil company to Russia for $50 billion, as reported with reference to the court’s ruling.   The appeal granted the petition of the defendant represented by Russia and rejected the petition of the ex-shareholders of

Dutch Supreme Court Cancelled Yukos’ Compensation of $50 Billion

The Supreme Court in the Netherlands cancelled the verdict issued earlier by the Hague Court of Appeal on the compensation of over $50 billion by Russia in favour of Yukos shareholders, stating that the institution mistakenly ignored the argument of the Russian Federation about fraud on the part of shareholders.  “For procedural reasons, the Hague

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Russia Became Second-Largest Oil Exporter to USA

Russia overtook Mexico and became the second-largest exporter of oil and oil products to the United States, Forbes.ru reports. According to the data provided by the US Energy Information Administration, in May of this year, Russia set a record for the volume of energy resources sent for the entire period of supply.   According to the