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Public Opinion: Real Man’s Most Important Character Traits

On the eve of International Men’s Day, which was celebrated yesterday, n November 19, the NAFI Analytical Centre conducted the all-Russian survey to study the attitude of the male half of the country’s inhabitants to the image of a “real man”.  According to Russian men, the defining events in the life of every man should

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Most Russians Ready to Get Freelance Work

More than half of Russians (65%) are ready to completely switch to freelance, according to the results of the study conducted by the Rabota.ru job search service together with the NPF Sberbank. At the same time, 19% of respondents are afraid of this idea due to the absence of pension contributions and the inability to

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Russians Named Most Profitable Industries

The Rabota.ru service conducted a study and found out whether the residents of Russia are satisfied with their salaries, and what areas of work they consider the most profitable. The survey involved more than 4,000 service users from all regions of the country.   According to 39 per cent of respondents, the highest salaries are offered

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Muscovites Expressed Opinion on New Year’s Festivities Cancellation

A third of Moscow residents (32 per cent), who took part in the poll of the Rabota.ru job search service, reacted with understanding to the cancellation of New Year’s festivities this year and another third were upset by this. Also, 36 per cent of respondents have not taken part in mass celebrations before and were not

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Russians Ready to Start Career as Trainee

According to a study conducted by the Rabota.ru job search service among more than 4,300 service users from all regions of the country, 56 per cent of Russians, when changing their profession, will be ready to start a career as a trainee, subject to further employment in a company.  At the same time, 15 per

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Russians Expressed Attitude Towards Russian Language

Russian Public Opinion Fund conducted a weekly all-Russian door-to-door survey among the citizens of the Russian Federation 18 years of age and older in 53 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.  According to the results of the survey, almost all the respondents notice errors in the written and oral speech of others, 48 per cent

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Experts Named Main Customers’ Values ​​on Insurance Market

Communication agency Mile RAPP together with Romir research holding presented a project to determine the value perception of markets and individual brands based on the international Brand DNA methodology.  To compile an overall value rating, 1,500 survey participants rated 25 values ​​for how important each of them is as principles in life. The answer was

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Russians Not Ready to Buy Houses Under Construction

To become reliable in the eyes of Russians, a developer must work on the market for several years, have completed projects, and positive feedback from clients, according to the results of an all-Russian study conducted by the NAFI Analytical Centre.   Every third Russian (33 per cent) in a hypothetical situation when buying a new home

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Russians Chose Best Cities for Remote Career

According to the results of a study conducted by the Superjob online job search service, every second Muscovite working remotely considers his city the best one for a remote career (51 per cent of the votes). Kazan occupied second place (43 per cent) and Novosibirsk took third (43 per cent), KazanFirst reports.  The survey involved

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Russian Men Named Best Age for Marriage

Russian men consider the age of 25 to be the most suitable for marriage, according to the study conducted by the NAFI analytical centre. The experts interviewed 1.6 thousand people in 53 regions of Russia. The majority of male participants stated that the optimal age for fatherhood is 27.  It is noted that young men

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Russians Named Best Film Adaptations

The most successful film adaptations, according to Russians, are “Harry Potter” based on the books of J. K. Rowling, the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” based on the epic novel by John R. R. Tolkien, and “The Green Mile” based on the work of Stephen King, RIA News reports with reference to the LitRes

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Russians Named Main National Ideas

According to a survey by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM), 92 per cent of Russians called the main national idea “population preservation”, as well as “health and family well-being”. The residents of the country placed “decent effective work” on the second line, and “comfort and safety” on the third line.  It is specified